Fansites are sites which players of the game create and run externally. Running a fansite has a number of responsibilities and costs, including maintaining the site's content and moderating the site's forum (if any). Officially, there are three kinds of fansites, judged by their supported status: Unsupported, Supported, and Promoted.

Unsupported Tibia Fansites can be referenced in-game Tibia or on the official Tibia forums, but you could still be banished if that website violates any of the Tibia Rules. For example, encourages players to buy items/accounts for real-life money.

Supported Tibia Fansites are permitted by CipSoft and can be linked in-game or on the official forums. These website have content on Tibia but are not regularly updated.

Promoted Tibia Fansites are also permitted by CipSoft, like Supported Tibia Fansites, but are known to be regularly updated.

The Supported and Promoted fansites can be seen below.

Site Name Logo URL Language(s) Item Description
BomDiaTibia BomDiaTibia Portuguese Journal Shield
Casal Tibiano Casal Tibiano Portuguese Love Elixir Casal Tibiano is a fansite focused on Tibian couples.
FunTibia Funtibia English, Polish and Portuguese Dread Doll
GuildStats Guildstats Polish, English, Dutch, Portuguese Majestic Shield The only fansite with complete guild statistics, including an extensive comparison tool.
ManjaTibia ManjaTibia Portuguese
MrThomsen MrThomsen English Fansite with Tibian statistics.
NabBot NabBot English Mini NabBot
Portal Tibia Portaltibia Portuguese Epaminondas Doll Rookiecompl Polish A Polish fansite about Rookgaard
TibiArt TibiArt Spanish
Tibia-Stats Tibia-Stats English Tibiora's Box Fansite with Tibian statistics
TibiaBosses TibiaBosses English Crunor's Heart
TibiaData TibiaData English
TibiaEvents TibiaEvents English Memory Box
TibiaLabs TibiaLabs English
TibiaLatina TibiaLatina.Wikia Spanish Black Knight Doll A wiki in Spanish
TibiaLife TibiaLife Portuguese Adamant Shield
TibiaMagazine TibiaMagazine Spanish Midnight Panther Doll In this fansite you can find News, Articles, A monthly magazine about Tibia, and much more.
TibiaMaps TibiaMaps English
TibiaMisterios TibiaMisterios Portuguese Dark Wizard's Crown Fansite offers mysterious information about Tibia in Portuguese.
TibiaQA TibiaQA English Omniscient Owl TibiaQA is a knowledge board, where players can ask questions and receive answers from the community.
TibiaRia TibiaRia English, Portuguese Bard Doll
TibiaRoyal Tibiaroyal English Shield of Destiny An English fansite with news, articles, guides, and a forum.
TibiaTV TibiaTV Portuguese Citizen Doll
TibiaWars TibiaWars English War Backpack
TibiaWiki TibiaWiki English Heavily Bound Book TibiawikiBR Portuguese The Epic Wisdom A wiki in Portuguese
Tibia Live Tibia Live English
Tibiapedia Tibiapedia Spanish
Tibiopedia Tibiopediapl Polish/English Ferumbras Doll
VivaTibia VivaTibia Spanish
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