Fansite Items are special items designed to represent a fansite in-game. Fansite items are designed by players and are used in contests held by fansite items or given by fansites as a token of appreciation to players.

When a fansite leaves the fansite programme, their fansite item remains in-game but can no longer be obtained unless bought from other players. On the other hand, a replica of the item is always added to the game some time after (usually the next Major Update) in order to allow other players to obtain a copy of it for decoration purposes.

Fansite Items

Name Weight Light Writable Fansite
Abacus Abacus.gif 12.00 --
Adamant Shield Adamant Shield.gif 91.00 4 sqm TibiaLife
Assassin Doll Assassin Doll.gif 25.04 3 sqm TibiaBrasileiros
Baby Munster (Activated) Baby Munster (Activated).gif 17.03 4 sqm
Baby Munster Baby Munster.gif 17.03 --
Bag of Oriental Spices Bag of Oriental Spices.gif 15.08 -- Tibia-Wiki
Banor Doll Banor Doll.gif 38.00 4 sqm TibiArt
Bard Doll Bard Doll.gif 8.50 -- TibiaRia
Black Knight Doll Black Knight Doll.gif 18.00 --
Bookworm Doll Bookworm Doll.gif 19.00 -- TibiaLibrary
Cateroide's Doll (Activated) Cateroide's Doll (Activated).gif 15.00 4 sqm Cateroide
Cateroide's Doll Cateroide's Doll.gif 15.00 4 sqm Cateroide
Chaos Critical Dice Chaos Critical Dice.gif 0.40 4 sqm ManjaTibia
Citizen Doll Citizen Doll.gif 22.00 4 sqm TibiaTV
Crunor's Heart Crunor's Heart.gif 7.00 -- TibiaBosses
Dark Wizard's Crown (Activated) Dark Wizard's Crown (Activated).gif 6.66 5 sqm TibiaMisterios
Dark Wizard's Crown Dark Wizard's Crown.gif 6.66 5 sqm TibiaMisterios
Doll of Durin The Almighty Doll of Durin The Almighty.gif 40.00 4 sqm TibiaBariloche
Dragon Eye Dragon Eye.gif 28.00 4 sqm Tibia-Market
Dragon Goblet Dragon Goblet.gif 18.00 3 sqm TibiaVenezuela
Draken Doll Draken Doll.gif 15.00 3 sqm TibiaJourney
Dread Doll Dread Doll.gif 11.00 3 sqm FunTibia
Epaminondas Doll Epaminondas Doll.gif 7.77 3 sqm Portal Tibia
Ferumbras Doll Ferumbras Doll.gif 17.00 3 sqm Tibiopedia
Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet.gif 5.20 3 sqm TibiaFriends
Frozen Heart Frozen Heart.gif 20.00 3 sqm TibiaTr
Golden Falcon Golden Falcon.gif 20.00 3 sqm TibiaBR
Golden Newspaper Golden Newspaper.gif 24.00 -- TibiaNews
Goromaphone Goromaphone.gif 66.60 -- RadioGoroma
Hand Puppets Hand Puppets.gif 0.05 -- Tibia RP
Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book.gif 78.00 -- TibiaWiki
Imortus Imortus.gif 46.90 3 sqm Exhiti
Jade Amulet Jade Amulet.gif 4.00 4 sqm TibiaHof
Journal Shield Journal Shield.gif 27.00 5 sqm BomDiaTibia
Key of Numerous Locks Key of Numerous Locks.gif 1.50 -- TibiaCz
Little Adventurer Doll (Activated) Little Adventurer Doll (Activated).gif 26.13 3 sqm TibiaGuias
Little Adventurer Doll Little Adventurer Doll.gif 26.13 3 sqm TibiaGuias
Loremaster Doll Loremaster Doll.gif 77.00 -- TibiaTome
Love Elixir Love Elixir.gif 13.50 4 sqm Casal Tibiano
Lucky Clover Amulet Lucky Clover Amulet.gif 1.50 3 sqm TibiaLottery
Majestic Shield Majestic Shield.gif 150.00 5 sqm GuildStats
Mathmaster Shield Mathmaster Shield.gif 3.14 4 sqm TibiaStat
Medusa Skull Medusa Skull.gif 10.00 -- TibiaPic
Memory Box (Activated) Memory Box (Activated).gif 20.00 -- TibiaEvents
Memory Box Memory Box.gif 20.00 -- TibiaEvents
Midnight Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll.gif 17.00 3 sqm TibiaMagazine
Mini NabBot (Activated) Mini NabBot (Activated).gif 60.00 -- NabBot
Mini NabBot Mini NabBot.gif 60.00 -- NabBot
Music Box (TibiaSpace) Music Box (TibiaSpace).gif 27.00 2 sqm TibiaSpace
Nightmare Doll Nightmare Doll.gif 18.00 -- Tibia Friends
Noble Sword (Activated) Noble Sword (Activated).gif 50.00 4 sqm
Noble Sword Noble Sword.gif 50.00 3 sqm
Norseman Doll Norseman Doll.gif 10.00 -- TibiaNordic
Old Radio Old Radio.gif 40.15 4 sqm RadioTibia
Omniscient Owl Omniscient Owl.gif 9.10 -- TibiaQA
Orc's Jaw Shredder Orc's Jaw Shredder.gif 25.00 -- TibiaSpy
Phoenix Statue Phoenix Statue.gif 20.00 3 sqm
Pigeon Trophy Pigeon Trophy.gif 4.00 3 sqm TibiaML
Scroll of the Stolen Moment Scroll of the Stolen Moment.gif 3.33 -- FotoTibia
Shield of Destiny (Activated) Shield of Destiny (Activated).gif 68.00 5 sqm TibiaRoyal
Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny.gif 68.00 5 sqm TibiaRoyal
Shield of Endless Search Shield of Endless Search.gif 11.00 4 sqm OrcSearch
The Epic Wisdom The Epic Wisdom.gif 8.05 5 sqm
The Mexcalibur The Mexcalibur.gif 12.00 -- TibiaMx
TibiaHispano Emblem TibiaHispano Emblem.gif 5.00 -- TibiaHispano
Tibiacity Encyclopedia Tibiacity Encyclopedia.gif 13.37 -- TibiaCity
Tibiapedia Tibiapedia.gif 2.50 5 sqm
Tibiora's Box Tibiora's Box.gif 42.00 3 sqm Tibia-Stats
War Backpack War Backpack.gif 18.00 -- TibiaWars
White Lion Doll White Lion Doll.gif 17.00 4 sqm El Podcast Tibiano
Wicked Witch (Activated) Wicked Witch (Activated).gif 19.90 4 sqm TibiaLabs
Wicked Witch Wicked Witch.gif 19.90 4 sqm TibiaLabs
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