Fansite Items are special items designed to represent a fansite in-game. Fansite items are designed by players and are used in contests held by fansite items or given by fansites as a token of appreciation to players.

When a fansite leaves the fansite programme, their fansite item remains in-game but can no longer be obtained unless bought from other players. On the other hand, a replica of the item is always added to the game some time later in order to allow other players to obtain a copy of it for decoration purposes.

Fansite items from fansites that are not in the programme anymore are Abacus, Bag of Oriental Spices, Bookworm Doll, Cateroide's Doll, Dragon Eye, Dragon Goblet, Draken Doll, Friendship Amulet, Frozen Heart, Golden Falcon, Golden Newspaper, Goromaphone, Hand Puppets, Imortus, Jade Amulet, Key of Numerous Locks, Loremaster Doll, Mathmaster Shield, Medusa Skull, Music Box, Noble Sword, Norseman Doll, Old Radio, Orc's Jaw Shredder, Phoenix Statue, Pigeon Trophy, Shield of Destiny, Tibiacity Encyclopedia, TibiaHispano Emblem and The Mexcalibur. Scroll of the Stolen Moment was never implemented ingame because the removal of FotoTibia from the fansite programme.

Fansite Items

Name Weight Light Writable Fansite
Abacus Abacus.gif 12.00 Erig.net
Adamant Shield Adamant Shield.gif 91.00 4 sqm TibiaLife
Armillary Sphere (TibiaMaps) Armillary Sphere (TibiaMaps).gif 80.00 5 sqm TibiaMaps
Assassin Doll Assassin Doll.gif 25.04 3 sqm TibiaBrasileiros
Baby Munster (Activated) Baby Munster (Activated).gif 17.03 4 sqm Rookie.com.pl
Baby Munster Baby Munster.gif 17.03 Rookie.com.pl
Bag of Oriental Spices Bag of Oriental Spices.gif 15.08 Tibia-Wiki
Banor Doll Banor Doll.gif 38.00 4 sqm TibiArt
Bard Doll Bard Doll.gif 8.50 TibiaRia
Beaver of Wisdom Beaver of Wisdom.gif 6.00 3 sqm TibiaPal.com
Bella Bonecrusher's Doll Bella Bonecrusher's Doll.gif 4.20 5 sqm TibiaGallery
Black Knight Doll Black Knight Doll.gif 18.00 TibiaLatina.wikia.com
Bonelord Tome Bonelord Tome.gif 46.90 5 sqm TibiaSecrets
Bookworm Doll Bookworm Doll.gif 19.00 TibiaLibrary
Cateroide's Doll (Activated) Cateroide's Doll (Activated).gif 15.00 4 sqm Cateroide
Cateroide's Doll Cateroide's Doll.gif 15.00 4 sqm Cateroide
Chaos Critical Dice Chaos Critical Dice.gif 0.40 4 sqm ManjaTibia
Citizen Doll Citizen Doll.gif 22.00 4 sqm TibiaTV
Crunor's Heart Crunor's Heart.gif 7.00 TibiaBosses
Dark Oracle Dark Oracle.gif 6.66 4 sqm TibiaVIP
Dark Wizard's Crown (Activated) Dark Wizard's Crown (Activated).gif 6.66 5 sqm TibiaMisterios
Dark Wizard's Crown Dark Wizard's Crown.gif 6.66 5 sqm TibiaMisterios
Doll of Durin The Almighty Doll of Durin The Almighty.gif 40.00 4 sqm TibiaBariloche
Dragon Eye Dragon Eye.gif 28.00 4 sqm Tibia-Market
Dragon Goblet Dragon Goblet.gif 18.00 3 sqm TibiaVenezuela
Draken Doll Draken Doll.gif 15.00 3 sqm TibiaJourney
Draptor Doll Draptor Doll.gif 11.16 5 sqm TibiaDraptor
Dread Doll Dread Doll.gif 11.00 3 sqm FunTibia
Epaminondas Doll Epaminondas Doll.gif 7.77 3 sqm Portal Tibia
Evora Evora.gif 66.60 4 sqm TibiaHome
Ferumbras Doll Ferumbras Doll.gif 17.00 3 sqm Tibiopedia
Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet.gif 5.20 3 sqm TibiaFriends
Frozen Heart Frozen Heart.gif 20.00 3 sqm TibiaTr
Golden Falcon Golden Falcon.gif 20.00 3 sqm TibiaBR
Golden Newspaper Golden Newspaper.gif 24.00 TibiaNews
Goromaphone Goromaphone.gif 66.60 RadioGoroma
Hand Puppets Hand Puppets.gif 0.05 Tibia RP
Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book.gif 78.00 TibiaWiki
Imortus Imortus.gif 46.90 3 sqm Exhiti
Jade Amulet Jade Amulet.gif 4.00 4 sqm TibiaHof
Journal Shield Journal Shield.gif 27.00 5 sqm BomDiaTibia
Key of Numerous Locks Key of Numerous Locks.gif 1.50 TibiaCz
Little Adventurer Doll (Activated) Little Adventurer Doll (Activated).gif 26.13 3 sqm TibiaGuias
Little Adventurer Doll Little Adventurer Doll.gif 26.13 3 sqm TibiaGuias
Loremaster Doll Loremaster Doll.gif 77.00 TibiaTome
Love Elixir Love Elixir.gif 13.50 4 sqm Casal Tibiano
Lucky Clover Amulet Lucky Clover Amulet.gif 1.50 3 sqm TibiaLottery
Luna (TibiaGoals) Luna (TibiaGoals).gif 27.07 5 sqm TibiaGoals
Magic Hat Magic Hat.gif 6.30 5 sqm VivaTibia
Majestic Shield Majestic Shield.gif 150.00 5 sqm GuildStats
Mathmaster Shield Mathmaster Shield.gif 3.14 4 sqm TibiaStat
Medusa Skull Medusa Skull.gif 10.00 TibiaPic
Memory Box (Activated) Memory Box (Activated).gif 20.00 TibiaEvents
Memory Box Memory Box.gif 20.00 TibiaEvents
Midnight Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll.gif 17.00 3 sqm TibiaMagazine
Mini NabBot (Activated) Mini NabBot (Activated).gif 60.00 NabBot
Mini NabBot Mini NabBot.gif 60.00 NabBot
Music Box (TibiaSpace) Music Box (TibiaSpace).gif 27.00 2 sqm TibiaSpace
Nightmare Doll Nightmare Doll.gif 18.00 Tibia Friends
Noble Sword (Activated) Noble Sword (Activated).gif 50.00 4 sqm Rookie.pl
Noble Sword Noble Sword.gif 50.00 3 sqm Rookie.pl
Norseman Doll Norseman Doll.gif 10.00 TibiaNordic
Old Radio Old Radio.gif 40.15 4 sqm RadioTibia
Omniscient Owl Omniscient Owl.gif 9.10 TibiaQA
Orc's Jaw Shredder Orc's Jaw Shredder.gif 25.00 TibiaSpy
Phoenix Statue Phoenix Statue.gif 20.00 3 sqm TibiaFans.se
Pigeon Trophy Pigeon Trophy.gif 4.00 3 sqm TibiaML
Scroll of the Stolen Moment Scroll of the Stolen Moment.gif 3.33 FotoTibia
Shield of Destiny (Activated) Shield of Destiny (Activated).gif 68.00 5 sqm TibiaRoyal
Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny.gif 68.00 5 sqm TibiaRoyal
Shield of Endless Search Shield of Endless Search.gif 11.00 4 sqm OrcSearch
The Epic Wisdom The Epic Wisdom.gif 8.05 5 sqm TibiaWiki.com.br
The Mexcalibur The Mexcalibur.gif 12.00 TibiaMx
TibiaHispano Emblem TibiaHispano Emblem.gif 5.00 TibiaHispano
Tibiacity Encyclopedia Tibiacity Encyclopedia.gif 13.37 TibiaCity
Tibiapedia Tibiapedia.gif 2.50 5 sqm Tibiapedia.com
Tibiora's Box Tibiora's Box.gif 42.00 3 sqm Tibia-Stats
War Backpack War Backpack.gif 18.00 TibiaWars
White Lion Doll White Lion Doll.gif 17.00 4 sqm El Podcast Tibiano
Wicked Witch (Activated) Wicked Witch (Activated).gif 19.90 4 sqm TibiaLabs
Wicked Witch Wicked Witch.gif 19.90 4 sqm TibiaLabs