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Faith and Religion in Kilmaresh

For the people of Kilmaresh, the faith in Suon, Bastesh or both plays an important role in their lives. On the other hand, there are human groups that orientate themselves strongly by the Anuma. They form circles and groups that are often led by a sphinx or lamassu and the human members adopt the Anuma's world view and customs.

There is some friction between the group, which calls for the sole worship of Suon and those who worship Suon and Bastesh (as his new sister) as a duality. Additionally, there is also the forbidden worship of Fafnar which flourishes in obscurity. Some of the Anuma rather support the sole Suon cult, fearing that a new duality might lead to war again. However, they tolerate the Suon / Bastesh cult, but watch closely what they do. Yet other Anuma actively support the worship of Suon and Bastesh.

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