A burnt out version of this book can be found in the Old Fortress Library.

Extended Vision

Most dwarves have a excellent eyesight even in dark enviroments but this spell will one day allow you to see nearly twice as far as you currently do. What's needed is the fire of a fire element, the head of a ghoul,the essence of a red royal blossom, some water from Blood Bay and the laugh of a mute sinner. Light a fire with the flame of the fire element. Pour the water from Blood Bay into a cauldron and place it over the fire. Throw in the head of the ghoul and the essence of the red royal Blossom and mix it untill a grey myst emerges. Take some of the potion and mix it with the laugh while cooling it. Now we only need to find out the missing catalysts and the magic words to imbue it with energy.

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