A member of the explorer society drank too much, and was possibly killed in a brawl in the Jolly Axeman Tavern.


North side of The Jolly Axeman Tavern in Kazordoon



Required equipment



You can trade the brooch with Mortimer in the explorer society building in Northport for 50 gp.


Player: brooch
Mortimer: Our members travel to far away places and cross dangerous areas, many fall prey to enemies or the land ...
Sometimes the personal explorer brooches can be recovered. That way we learn about the fate of our members ...
We offer a reward for each brooch returned to us. Have you found an explorer brooch?
Player: yes
Mortimer: It's always a sad day when we learn about the death of a member. But at least we learnt about his fate. Thank you, here is your reward.

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