Almost all creatures in Tibia give some experience points when they are slain. The amount of experience points earned by killing a creature depends roughly on how difficult it is to defeat that creature. It varies from a Penguin which will give 1 single experience up to the Brain Squid which will give 21,000 experience when killed. There are also a lot different kind of bosses in Tibia, which might wield even more experience (including Inquisition Bosses). There are also some creatures that give no experience at all, those are no challenge to kill since they don't fight back when attacked.

All characters start without experience points when they first enter the game, on a small island south of Rookgaard. By doing The Beginning Quest they get experience, on Rookgaard they can kill monsters which give experience, which can become a very large number. The experience is represented by a characters level. On the official website is the full experience table where is listed how much experience is needed to reach a certain level.

A player with a Premium Account will receive extra experience (+50%) while the Stamina is between 42:00 and 40:01.

Find out more about your experience by using the Experience Formula.


There are bonuses available which multiply the experience yielded by monsters.

Premium Stamina Bonus

On the first two hours of Stamina, premium players have an experience bonus of 150%. These two hours of stamina recover at a much slower rate than normal stamina time.

Shared Experience

Shared Experience offers bonuses depending on the circumstances. Parties with differing vocations receive more bonus shared experience, e.g. a Knight and Druid team will receive more than a 2 Druid team, and a full 4-vocation team will receive more than a Knight and Druid team.

World Events

Worlds may be blessed with bonus experience rates by completing World Quests and World Tasks. Bonus experience applies to all characters regardless of their participation in the event. Bonuses typically last until the end of the month but may have different durations as well as and conditions such as Spring into Life which applies only to Dragon Hatchling experience yield. The table below summarizes the events that reward bonus experience.

Event Bonus Experience Duration Conditions
A Piece of Cake 50% 7 days
Bewitched 50% 10 days
Demon's Lullaby 50% 7 days
Spring into Life 25% 7 days During the event, not on completion. Applies only to Dragon Hatchling kills.
The Colours of Magic 25% 7 days Only if Feiz of Power (Violet) wins. Applies to spellcaster creatures only. Also has other bonuses for the duration.
The Colours of Magic 30% 7 days Only if Furb of Fun (Orange) wins. Applies to party-shared experience only. Also has other bonuses for the duration.
The Lightbearer 10% 15 days Party-shared experience bonus only.
A Pirate's Death to Me 10% 5 days Applies to Undead creatures only.

Low Level Bonus

Since September 9, 2014, all players below level 50 have a passive experience bonus, which steadily declines until the player reaches 0% bonus at level 50. This bonus is intended to fast-forward a new player into the more exciting parts of the game.

The bonus declines at a linear rate of $ 2 + 1 / 12 \approx 2.083 $ percent per level. This would be 2% if the decline began at level 1. This fractional decline creates a 3% jump on levels 3, 15, 27 and 39. Most players won't be affected by this because the experience is rounded anyway. The precise formula is thus:

$ L = \max(2, \min(50, Level)) - 2 $ (because the decline starts at Level 3 and the bonus ends at 50)
$ Bonus = 100 - \left \lceil L \cdot \left ( 2 + \frac{1}{12} \right ) \right \rceil % $
See also the table below:
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Level Experience Boost
1 100%
2 100%
3 97%
4 95%
5 93%
6 91%
7 89%
8 87%
9 85%
10 83%
11 81%
12 79%
13 77%
14 75%
15 72%
16 70%
17 68%
18 66%
19 64%
20 62%
21 60%
22 58%
23 56%
24 54%
25 52%
26 50%
27 47%
28 45%
29 43%
30 41%
31 39%
32 37%
33 35%
34 33%
35 31%
36 29%
37 27%
38 25%
39 22%
40 20%
41 18%
42 16%
43 14%
44 12%
45 10%
46 8%
47 6%
48 4%
49 2%
50 0%

Double Experience

Occasionally, to compensate for loss of experience due to death or an extended period where players are unable to hunt as a result of  DDoS attacks, or even just to celebrate holidays like Christmas, CipSoft may establish a period in which monsters yield double the experience they would normally when they are killed.

So far, this has happened three times. The first time from November 27th, 2007 to December 4th, 2007, to compensate for lag and kicks as a result of  DDoS attacks.  The second time from March 18th, 2009 to March 25th, 2009; to celebrate Christmas, and the final time from April 20th, 2013 to April 30th, 2013; again to compensate players for experience and play time lost due to DDoS attacks.

During Double Experience events, Premium Players with enough stamina still gain an additional 50% experience over the double experience awarded to other players.

Double Experience Vouchers

To respond to player requests, CipSoft has created double experience vouchers to be used instead of double experience periods. When CipSoft awards double experience there is typically a rush to use it, creating fights within spawns. Vouchers give the player a choice of using the double experience when it suits him/her.

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