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Private property of Logur, Forgemaster of the Planegazers

<Expedition Project 'Exclave', Scientific Site XIV> <Private Notes> Our shared goal is in jeopardy. The council has sealed off most of the sites by now. We are trying to gather enough information from this one to be able to move on. Unfortunately, most of the useful equipment has already been withdrawn, right after decoding (the following paragraph looks as if it has been hastily effaced). We are basically working with sticks and stones here.

I will file a report concerning recent regulation changes and the conditions under which we have to operate. My complaints will be sent to the council as soon as we leave this post. Our mission is indeed clear, secrecy is highly advised. However, right now all this does is to hinder our progress. I am beginning to think there is something more at work here. Why are so many sites closed in a hurry, why does it seem the council nowaddays confuses giving advice with issuing orders, and caution with secret-mongering? I shall keep these thoughts to myself. All those doubts may unsettle my colleagues and that would be nothing but counterproductive.

Our detailed findings have been recorded (note: Compendium Site XIV). The state of the forge is operational. On a more personal note I want to express my worries concerning our current situation. We all know the directive in case of an 'Erasure', which will undoubtedly be upon us in a matter of days. However, our time window is far too narrow. While most of the equipment is already off site (compare with my notes from the first paragraph), I highly doubt we will be able to move the forge itself in time. We have gathered all remaining devices from this site and can only hope that all other teams have followed the directive to the letter. Should an outsider come into the possession of a leftover device, with the forge still active I cannot guarantee that this individual can be kept from deciphering what we found. Mechanical contraptions will advance over time and nothing will be safe. We shall heed our principle for we are without guide if we do not. Or as they always say: "Shroud your knowledge, veil the end."

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