Exercise Weapons are items that allow one to train their skills. They are a recent addition to Tibia having been added to the game on April 24, 2018.

There exist an exercise weapon for each skill and two for magic level (Exercise Rod and Exercise Wand). These weapons can be purchased either in-game for in-game currency (for 262 500 gold each) or in the Store for 25 Tibia Coins each. Every weapon has a total of 500 charges. In order for a character to train with such weapon, they have to 'use' it on an Exercise Dummy.

In-game locations

Locations where you can buy exercise weapons in game are:

Town Exercise Club Exercise Sword Exercise Axe Exercise Bow Exercise Wand Exercise Rod
Ab'Dendriel Shanar Shiriel
Ankrahmun Memech Fenech
Carlin Rowenna Rachel
Darashia Habdel Asima
Edron Willard Alexander
Farmine Esrik Rabaz
Kazordoon Uzgod Sigurd
Liberty Bay Cedrik Frederik
Port Hope Brengus Tandros
Rathleton Flint Mordecai
Svargrond Robert Nelly
Thais Sam Xodet
Thais Turvy  Topsy
Venore Romella Frans
Yalahar Morpel Chuckles

Additional Information

  • If the exchange rate of Tibia Coins for gold on a world is higher than 10 500 gold per coin, it is more economical to buy these weapons for in-game currency.
  • While training with Exercise Weapons a character can perform some actions, such as chatting in chat Channels, browsing the Quest Log or the Compendium, but they may not 'use' anything, otherwise the training is stopped.
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