Excalibug was (is?) a unique sword with insanely high attack/defense numbers that was discovered in the Ornamented Shield Quest cave a long time ago. Contrary to popular belief, the sword was not meant to be in the game. The original name "Excalibug" was given by players (the name came from part of the word "Excalibur" which was King Arthur's sword, and "bug" because it was a bug in the game. Hence, "excalibug.") It was discovered in the body that now is the Crystal Key quest. It was apparently placed there by a mapper so that he could secretly retrieve it and use it himself. Another one of these swords was later found in a cyclops by Taghor. They would both be a Magic Longsword if they existed today. The swords were removed from the game, and when the Magic Longsword was introduced, the stats were lowered twice, and after the second time they stuck. CipSoft presumably added excalibug as roleplaying material, and this is the story:

The ancient dwarven kings forged it from the heart of a fallen star.

They forged the weapon to help with the fight against evil creatures.
This mythical blade was hidden in ancient times. It's said that powerful wards protect it.
There are only many rumors; almost nothing is known for sure.

What people have to say about Excalibug

Player: Excalibug
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Only inferior species need weapons.

Abran Ironeye: If someone would bring me that weapon I could reshape the realm... and reward this hero beyond his dreams.

Adrenius: What's that? You start annoying me.

Albert: It's only another instrument of pain and destruction.

Aldo: I have other stuff to worry about, like paying my bills.

Asrak: If it's truly a weapon to slay gods it might be worth to be sought for.

Avar Tar:I am sure it's hidden in a vault of the Nightmare Knights beneath the Plains of Havoc. I plan an expedition to go there and rout out the Ruthless Seven, but I have to save the world first.

Baxter: Gorn and I searched for this weapon in the darkest corners of each dungeon, but found nothing.

Beatrice: That's just a myth like the screwdriver of Kurik or the endless casket of mana potions.

Benjamin: I can't remember that someone named like that lives here.

Bertha: I toyed with the idea to spread the rumour that excalibug might be hidden in the mines. I think if enough adventurers were lured into the mines, they might drive out the ones that occupy them now ... So do me a favour, when somebody asks about excalibug, tell them it's down there in those mines.

Bozo: I am not foolish enough to believe in the existence of this weapon.

Boozer: Heard about it now and then. Then again, I also hear there is a bogeyman somewhere in the swamps.

Bradford: The legends about this weapon are by far older than our settlement. So I doubt that anyone will find a clue about its whereabouts here.

Brengus: If you ever stumble upon that interesting piece of jewellery, contact me. I know somebody who would pay a decent amount of crystal to add it to his collection of curiosities.

Buddel: Teeheehee, I don't know but you two are funny!

Captain Waverider: Rumour has it that old Captain Blackbeard found it in a dead sea serpent once and hid it on Treasure Island. Oh my, why can't I keep my mouth shut about Treasure Island.

Captain Breezelda: Better ask in a tavern about such tales.

Chatterbone: ... we hid it... so long ago... so long...

Chemar: I have been almost everywhere in the world and think it's only a myth.

Chephan: Just an oversized kitchenknife. Better buy the real thing.

Chrystal: Better ask knights about that.

Clark: I heard the knights of Edron hid it somewhere instead of using it for the good of the country.

Daniel Steelsoul: With this weapon in my hand, I would teach the servants of darkness the true meaning of the word fear. That is some mighty weapon that got lost in a war or so.

Digger: Just a knights' legend.

Ebenizer: This weapon, if real, might be worth a lot.

Edowir: The ancient dwarven kings forged it.

Eirik: I would love to have that legendary weapon. If you find it, bring it to me!

Elane: A weapon of myth. I don't believe that this weapon exists.

Elathriel: I still doubt it exists.

Emperor Kruzak: Well, well, well, the godblade. A myth? Perhaps. Even in my youth, it was only a legend.

Ferks: A fictitious weapon is of no use at all.

Frans: We FRANSes don't liiiike any bugssss.

Frederik: Yeah, if I should ever find it, I'll keep it for you.

Frodo: Nothing more than a tale for warriors.

Fynn: I would love to have that legendary weapon. If you find it, bring it to me!

Gail: A knight's fairy tale.

Gorn: I would pay thousands of gold coins for this weapon.

Gregor: Many brave warriors died on the quest to find that fabled weapon.

Hagor: I heared rumours that there is a sword called so. I don't know if it exists.

Halvar: I have no time to talk and you should FIGHT instead of wasting your time here!

Harlow: Listen, just because we're business partners doesn't mean we're friends. Leave me alone unless you need a passage.

Harkath Bloodblade: In the legends it is told, that this weapon made its wielder able to fight the mightiest demons hand to hand.

Hawkyr: A weapon hardly useful for a hunter.

Herbert: Why should you seek mere metal when the pen is mightier than the blade, and so is love? Fool! Be a lover, be a poet if you must, but never raise a blade unless your cause is just.

Hjaern: That's something I only heard about in curious questions of people like you.

Hofech: I think if that sword really existed, it would make a splendid decoration for any wall.

Hugo: I don't care for such fairytales.

Humgolf: Silly fairy tale.

Isimov: Ahhh! Whan I was a little dwarf I was on a quest to find it. I was almost literally digging up the ghostlands for it and now only one thing is sure: It must be elsewere, jawoll.

Iskan: Yeah, where could it be. That's the question.

Iyad: I would t...trade it for some firewood.

Janz: A weapon that would make woodcutting easy.

Jessica: If that weapon existed, some greedy Venorean would have dug it up and sold it to the highest bidder.

Jimbin: Actually I believe it's more than a taverntale.

Kasmir: Your greed for such items can easily corrupt your soul.

Kawill: Ah, a weapon to be feared by man, beast and god alike, jawoll. He who wields it will be both blessed and cursed at the same time.

Kazzan: Once a djinn claimed to have seen it in a dream. I guess it's just that, some dream of a supernatural creature.

King Tibianus: It's the sword of the kings. If you could return this weapon to me I would reward you beyond your dreams.

Lugri: Its existence is just a lie to inspire hope and bravery in the hearts of the followers of good.

Lurik: On the campfire, there are numerous tales about this weapon. It's told that it has been missing since ages ... In my opinion, the power and fame of a weapon shouldn't exceed the power and fame of it's wielder. And I have not heard of any hero whose fame would surpass that of excalibug.

Lyonel: I met someone whose cousin be friended a mermaid who told him that friends of her once met an outcast quara who claimed that his people hide some powerful weapon in one of their undersea lairs. Maybe that weapon is excalibug.

Lynda: This fabled weapon was lost in ancient times. If someone found it, this person would be nearly invincible.

Maria: I'd rather have a stainless steel cooking pan than such a knife.

Marcus: I swear I have seen it in the bay just outside of Liberty Bay, deep in the ocean. I was ... uhm catching some fresh air after a night of rum and card games. I looked over the railing into the sea and suddenly I saw that sword in a heap of gold and jewels.

Marvik: Even in my visions, I couldn't get any enlightenment about the whereabouts of this weapon of legend.

Maryza: Would slice a dragon or two for steaks if i'd get it.

Miraia: Some foolish adventurers seek for it in the haunted ruins of Drefia.

Muriel: The enchantements on this weapon must be awesome.

Nelly: A myth the locals probably enjoy.

Nemal: I heard the name, but I don't trust rumours.

Nilsor: I have no idea.

Norbert: I fear such a weapon will ruin a silk shirt with one blow.

Oldrak: A weapon of myth and legend. It was lost in ancient times ... perhaps lost forever.

Olrik: Pardon?

Oswald: It's beyond all doubt that certain sinister elements in our city have certain knowledge about this myth.

Perod: Oh boy, how long have we searched for that weapon. I still wonder sometimes where it might be hidden, but I have no clue.

Phillip: This weapon is said to be very powerful and unique. It was hidden in ancient times and now is thought to be lost.

Pydar: A weapon too powerful to be wielded by mortals. It has to be returned to the fire which gave birth to it.

Quentin: Legends tell us that that Excalibug is a gift of the gods. Banor used in his battles. They say it was passed on to one of his followers.

Raffael: Sorry, but I'm just a simple trader and know nothing about that.

Ray: There are rumours about some hidden stone tablets mentioning that weapon. Adventurers claim to have seen those tablets in the ancient lizard city.

Razan: The skill should make a fighter strong, not the weapon.

Robert: Sorry, I think we are out of stock.

Robin: I don't like swords in general.

Roderick: A nice myth but nothing more.

Rodney: What is that? Is it tasty?

Romella: I heard the amazons are after it.

Rottin Wood: What? That old legend? If you want legends, you should join us - unfortunately it isn't possible for you to join us. In fact, no one can, heh.

Sam: It is rumoured to be a weapon beyond mortal craftsmanship.

Shauna: Would certainly make a good butterknife. HO, HO, HO!

Shoddy Beggar: I heard about the legend, but I don't know how much of it is actually true.

Siflind: It's not here I guess.

Sirik: I would love to have that legendary weapon. If you find it, bring it to me!

Smiley: ... only sell spells...

Sven: On the campfire, there are numerous tales about this weapon. It's told that it has been missing since ages ... In my opinion, the power and fame of a weapon shouldn't exceed the power and fame of it's wielder. And I have not heard of any hero whose fame would surpass that of excalibug.

Talesia: I am content with my family sword meloncutter.


Tandros: A weapon of unparalleled magic. Don't listen to people that tell you that this is only a myth. It might be a dream but remember, dreams can come true.

Thorwulf: A true warrior will kill his opponents with a rusty knife. There is no need for a mighty weapon. Where is the honour if the weapon is more powerful than its wielder?

Tibra: The mythical blade was hidden in ancient times. Its said that powerful wards protect it.

Topsy: If you want to find out about excalibug you should ask the more sinister characters in Thais not a respectable woman like myself!

Trimegis: The only weapon I need is my magic.

Ulrik: Every now and then an adventurer like you comes here looking for it.

Urkalio: I would love to see that weapon in a fight.

Uzgod: You want sell me excalibug for 1000 platinum coins and an enchanted armor?
Player: yes
Uzgod: Stop make fun of old dwarf, you not having it!

Uzon: Some people claim it is hidden somewhere under the endless sands of the devourer desert in Darama.

Vladruc: A terrifying weapon if it does exist at all.

Wyat: If you have any news about the whereabouts of that blade, report it to me.

Xed: I think that was the sword they were talking about. Said something about a man in Edron that could get it for him.

Yanni: I don't believe in the excalibug myth.

Yberius: This blasphemous weapon has to be destroyed.

Zaidal: Even if it would exist, which I doubt, it would be only an extremely expensive weapon and nothing more.

Zebron: I would not bet that anyone will ever find it.

Player: reward
King Tibianus: Well, if you want a reward, go on a quest to bring me Excalibug!