Events are meetings which are organized with the purpose of enjoying the community. they can divided into 3 categories: public, closed and official events.

Public events are events such as soccer tournaments, anybody may come and take part (except for e.g. blacklisted people and specific guilds).

Closed events such as weddings or dinners are often held in a guildhall or house to prevent uninvited guests from ruining the event.

Official events are events created by Cipsoft to celebrate special days such as Valentine's Day and Halloween.

Public events[]

Public events can be divided in small/medium and big/huge events.

Since big and huge events have a wide range of variety, there is no exact list which can be shown here, so here is a list of small to medium events:



Let your imagination run wild!

Closed events[]

Closed events are always 'small' as only invited guests are allowed, they are often held in a guildhall. Opposite to public events, closed events are often a one-time/rare occasion.

Closed events are mostly held with:

Official Events[]

Official events introduces items like Valentine's Card, Surprise Bags, Balloons, etc. Some events have special raids like the Grynch Clan Goblin invasion. Their duration are dependable on CipSoft and their items vary greatly according to the year.


Events during the year[]

Month Event Description
January New Year's Season, The First Dragon Quest, Tibia Anniversary and Winterlight Solstice Buy the cheapest Fireworks Rocket of the whole Tibia from Ned Nobel during the new year's season.
February A Piece of Cake, Valentine's Day and Masquerade Day Get your beloved a present from Valentina. Dress yourself up with Stan.
March Double Daily Reward Month, The Colours of Magic and Orcsoberfest None.
April Spring into Life and Month of Pranks Fool your friends with Hoaxette's wares. Fight Undead Jesters and give the parts of jester doll to Hoaxette to get a Jester Doll.
May Demon's Lullaby None.
June Bewitched and Flower Month Fight some Dryads and give seeds to Rosemarie to get a Flower Pot.
July None None.
August Cooking Event Cook 14 meals with Jean Pierre.
September Rise of Devovorga and The Colours of Magic Defeat Devovorga.
October Annual Autumn Vintage, Halloween and Orcsoberfest Find the Halloween Hare, the The Mutated Pumpkin and carve some nice pumpkins.
November Lightbearer Keep 10 lights lit for 5 days with Lucius.
December Christmas and Winterlight Solstice Get your present from Santa Claus, buy Christmas Trees, Christmas Cards, Christmas Bundles and other items only obtainable during this period of the year. Fight Grynch Clan Goblins and return the stolen presents to Ruprecht for a reward.

In addition to events listed above, there are also A Pirate's Death to Me and Last Creep Standing during the year. The schedule can be found on tibia.com, [1].

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