You see Etzel
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  • <coughs>
  • Take care of you, young one. <coughs>
  • Training young sorcerers. <coughs>


Kazordoon, three levels above depot.


His full name is Etzel Fireworker, son of Fire, from the Molten Rock.
His brother is Sigurd, who helps him with running his little magic store. He is a dwarfish mastermage and the Sorcerer Guild Leader of Kazordoon. Before the 2007 Winter Update he sold the Fireball spell.


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Player: hi
Etzel: Hiho, Player. <cough>
Player: job
Etzel: I'm the dwarven master mage. I'm the keeper of magical secrets and teacher of spells.
Player: name
Etzel: My name is Etzel Fireworker, <cough> son of fire, of the Molten Rocks.
Player: spells (when knight)
Etzel: Sorry, I only sell spells to sorcerers.
Player: time
Etzel: It's precisely 12:38 pm now.
Player: sorcerer
Etzel: Sorcery is not for the lazy or the impatient.
Player: poem
Etzel: Ask someone else, I don't have time to recite poems. Player: bye
Etzel: Take care out there, young one. <cough>