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Eternia was merged along with Hiberna and Isara into a new world Rowana on August 14, 2014.

Top 3 players on Eternia

Golden Goblet Spaaw level 472, EK
Silver Goblet Klief Adas level 433, MS
Bronze Goblet Kvakur level 423, EK

Highest levels in each vocation.

Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3 Lysen Coast Level 416, RP
Outfit Knight Male Addon 3 Spaaw Level 472, EK
Outfit Mage Male Addon 3 Klief Adas level 430, MS
Outfit Druid Male Addon 3 Druidao Rajadao level 395, ED

Highest Skills on Eternia

Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Magic Druidao Rajadao 101
Rainbow Shield Shielding Knight Scorpyon 111
The Devileye Distance Jho nii 117
Emerald Sword Sword Blak Striker 115
The Stomper Club Lowlander Legend 111
Solar Axe Axe Tanker Showtime 112
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Fist Bodapp 80
Mechanical Fishing Rod Fishing Jotakie 93
Gamemaster Achievements Alleyway Jack 688

Additional Info

  • The first character to main was Samgrath shared with Bulgrath.
  • Eternia is derived from the word Eternity. Also likely to have been taken from the action character He-Man's world, which name too is Eternia.
  • The first level 100 on Eternia was Civatateo.
  • The world of Eternia has some god-given rare items, like a Thunder Hammer, a Shield of Honour, and a Golden Helmet. They were gifted to Krin for reporting a bug which made possible intercepting passwords.
  • The world Eternia has now one Thunder Hammer, although a team that killed the Ferumbras looted another Thunder Hammer. There is now only one Thunder Hammer. As Krin who was gifted the first one has transferred to Hiberna. The owner of the only Thunder Hammer now is Melhaar.
  • A pair of Golden Boots has recently appeared on Eternia after killing Ghazbaran. The owner Elendil Elessar then world transferred to Zanera.
  • Gambling (playing for gold with a dice) is very popular in Eternia, especially in Yalahar depot. Eternia world board has an active casino blacklist & whitelist.


May - 2014
There's an ongoing push-war between Maelstrom and Neverlose. The guild Maelstrom consist of players from several countries: SE, EG, USA, UK, BR, NL, NO, DE, ES and PL. The guild Neverlose consist mostly by players from BR and EG. There are however a few players from SE and PL in Neverlose. Eternia is ruled by Maelstrom during the daytime (CET) and by Neverlose during nighttime (CET), however both guilds are actively killing eachother.

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