Character Information

Eternal Oblivion

  • Account Status: Inactive
  • Vocation: Elite Knight
  • World:Solidera (Former world: Amera)
  • Level: 297


Eternal Oblivion played on the gameworld Amera; he is considered by many players to be the "best" to date.
The character Eternal Oblivion was created at Apr 27 2003, 06:22:28 CET.

Eternal Oblivion was banished in August 2007 because of destructive behaviour like the rest of his guild.

Eternal Oblivion Retired, Dec 2006.
Due to excessive guild drama and constant war, and along the slow migration to MapleStory, the player decided to leave Tibia for good and passed his account to Quatre Sandrock, after courteously refusing Calax's first offer.

Eternal Oblivion's character information comment reads the following:

"This is not about a Tibia Character, it's real life.

Rest in Peace Pedro. 4/26/08. There's no Tibia in Heaven, you'll be happy there and we'll remember you always. We won't play in memory of you, we'll live in memory of you and stop wasting our lives here. Everyone who wishes to remember and honor Pedro please wear pink in-game. Thank you and we'll miss you." You will always be in our memories Peter.

The name was actually derived from Eternal, a reference to Eternal Sphere in Star Ocean 2 (hence the sword preference), and oblivion was once meant that the character that will soon enter 'eternal slumber' and be forgotten.

For in-depth information on this subject contact Roland-Candia (Game World Candia)

Eternal Oblivion is considered a legend of Amera.

Accusations & Controversy

Many have accused Eternal Oblivion of botting and account sharing, mostly due to his almost "abnormal" leveling speed and ever changing account information.

This however has not been proven yet some people claim they have proof of him being a shared account, namely screenshots in various photobuckets. On one of them, the taskbar says he comes from the Netherlands however, the other one says he's from Spain. This could be a coincidence, but it does appear suspicious, and those may be "photomontages". Some also believe his account may have been sold several times over which explains his location changes in the account information of his profile.

"The above accusations were just pure speculation. As I admit I have only shared the above account once during one of the Ameran Wars against Poison the Well, I believe. It was also the one and only war death due to the sheer negligence of Lord Drakore. Besides 'X-ing' out to train and creating macros (without injections) to fish and stay in the game while eating dinner at Venore dragons, the player has never botted once, unless you consider the previous phrase as botting." ~EO

In case some of you are wondering where EO went, you can look him up under Maplestory Global under serveral alias such as Lachrymus, Jellyflower, and Nerola.

He also has an account on this wiki.

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