You see Eroth
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    First floor above ground west of Depot in Treetop


    Eroth is the leader of the Cenath caste. He only sells spells for druids and paladins.

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    Trade Details


    This NPC does not buy any items.


    This NPC does not sell any items.


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    Player: hi
    Eroth: I greet thee, outsider.
    Player: job
    Eroth: I am the leader of the Cenath caste.
    Player: magic
    Eroth: Magic comes almost naturally to the Cenath. We keep the secrets of ages.
    Player: spell
    Eroth: I can teach the spells 'magic shield', 'destroy field', 'creature illusion', 'chameleon', 'convince creature', and 'summon creature'.
    Player: Kuridai
    Eroth: The Kuridai are aggressive and victims of their instincts. Without our help they would surely die in a foolish war.
    Player: Deraisim
    Eroth: They lack the understanding of unity. We are keeping them together and prevent them from being slaughtered one by one.
    Player: Cenath
    Eroth: We are the shepherds of our people. The other castes need our guidance.
    Player: Crunor
    Eroth: Gods are for the weak. We will master the world on our own. We need no gods.
    Player: bye
    Eroth: Asha Thrazi. Go, where you have to go.