Electrified Icon.gif Shoots a powerful area attack directly in front of the caster, dealing strong energy damage.


One of the strongest spells available to sorcerers. It deals about 25% more damage than Great Energy Beam. Even though Great Energy Beam has a longer range, Energy Wave is easier to hit with, due to the attack dealing damage in a wide cone, rather than in a straight line. Overall however, both spells serve the same purpose. Energy Wave is the sorcerer's equivalent of the druid's Terra Wave and Strong Ice Wave. Although it has a longer cooldown than Terra Wave, it also has a lower mana cost and deals about 25% more damage. Compared to Strong Ice Wave, it has a longer range.

Energy Wave animation.gif


Before the Winter Update 2007, the incantation was exevo mort hur. The update changed the spell's animation as well.

Before After
Energy wave1.gif Energy wave1(after winter update 2007).gif