Emperor Kruzak has some cookies for you.




Nothing but Dwarf Guards if you take the wrong way.


Key 3800, a bag with 20+7 cookies & Key 3801 and Key 3802

Required Equipment

None, (Maybe a rope)


  • First you need to go to Emperor Kruzak's chambers in his private room, to the north, get Key 3800 which can be found at the end of the "secret passage" exit, in a Chest (Quest).
  • Do not take the exit route down the hole, but go back to the king's room; you have to open the door of the small room in the emperor's chamber with the key. In the chest in the room you opened will be 7 and 20 Cookies and Key 3801.
  • To get to the (3802) you can go in 2 ways:
    1. You can go down several levels from the "secret passage" until you come out under Kazordoon (ground level). To get to the next key you need a rope and have to go to the barracks. How to get to Kazordoon entrance can be seen here.
    2. (faster way) Go back to the barracks.

Emperor's Cookies Quest.jpg

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