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Empera was merged along with Lucera and Ocera into a new world Kronera on August 14, 2014.

Additional Info

  • The name of the world comes from the latin word "Imperia" meaning "Empire".
  • There was a war between Malandragem, which consists of Bauru Team and have previously been called Last Resort, against Triple Alliance with former Last Resort members and members of Red Sky that have characters left on Empera.
  • A lot of non-brs were left the server when the new character world transfers were implemented.
  • The Guild Last Resort defeated the first ferumbras in Empera in 18 Seconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • If you like war, bring your team and start Empera.
  • Excellent prices due to constant war.
  • Perfect for experienced players.


  • Much power abuse, especially towards English speaking players.
  • Difficult to buy and trade; cities like Ab'Dendriel are deserted a lot of the time.
  • A lot of random PKers cause great difficulty to normal players.
  • Many wars are currently being waged.
  • Very bad for newbie players.
  • A lot of Pk teams in the caves.
  • You get hunted for no reason, mostly happens to English speakers.
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