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Elysia was merged along with Aurea and Valoria into the new world Zeluna on May 2, 2016.

General Information

  • The server is located in Germany.
  • It is likely it was named after "Elysium", the "Elysian Fields".
  • Elysia was the second server to kill the Orshabaal, the blocker, Elahrion Avessar (deleted), was the first person to loot a Thunder Hammer. Elysia also killed Ghazbaran in record time, with great team work and good blocking by Dagooto Eye.
  • As for Rookgaard, the highest level player is Darth Saldria
  • Elysia consists of mostly Brazilian, Polish and Swedish people. There are also small groups of English, American and Dutch people.
  • Elysia was the third server to kill Devovorga, the 2 guilds Cruoris and Regulators which were in war at the time, combined power to kill Devovorga.
  • Elysia is not a great server for new players to start. There are no players and tutors found in World Chat and the Help Channel and small number of people speak English.
  • The legendary player Satire (retired) ruled the town of Thais for many years and was beloved by all. He commonly helped lower level players get a start on their new server, and taught them to team up against higher level players.
  • A pair of Golden Boots has recently appeared on Elysia after killing Ghazbaran , Ginger Buffeltandwas the owner of the pair.
  • Ginger Buffeltand was also first player on Elysia to do the Demon Oak.
  • The leading guild at that time, Sentence, was defeated by Payback. Payback later got defeated by Brait.
  • A previous leading guild on the server was Mata Rindo (Aka. Golpiando) but the guild was deleted by Cipsoft. Many speculations exist on why they were deleted, if it was because of botting or power-abusing no one knows. At this moment there is no leading guild.
  • Guild Payout (Joke to mock the enemy guild Payback) Aka. Team Kogo was the largest PK guild for a long time. Started as a group of friends who liked to PK, it quickly grew larger and became a valuable ally of Brait. The guild consists of members mainly from Sweden but also Dutch, Polish and a few Brazilian people.
  • After Brait was defeated, Payout tried to battle Mata Rindo as much as they could, but have they left to Valoria as it was an hopeless battle.
  • In 2014 the Guilds Critical and Busted was fighting, and Critical is said to have been victorious. Critical is no longer present however.

Advantages and disadvantages.


  • Due to the small number of people, you are more likely to hunt in privacy.


  • You may experience lag if you don't live in Europe. The server is located in the UK.
  • There is a lot of power abusing going on at the moment.
  • A lot of people play on Elysia with the sole purpose of Player Killing, this happens mostly in free account areas so caution is advised, especially if you do not have a premium account.

Be aware of killing a low player with white skull. Most of them have got high leveled character or high leveled friends that could come for you!

Top 3 players on Elysia

Golden Goblet Oin Xinxinha Level 515, ED
Silver Goblet King Gabrielz Level 510, EK
Bronze Goblet Djet Level 504, MS

Highest levels in each vocation.

Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3 Arin Neber Level 461, RP
Outfit Knight Male Addon 3 King Gabrielz Level 510, EK
Outfit Mage Male Addon 3 Djet Level 504, MS
Outfit Druid Male Addon 3 Oin Xinxinha level 515, ED

Player with the best skills.

Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Magic Level
Oin Xinxinha
Behemoth Claw
Fist Fighting
Fhey Ghit
The Stomper
Club Fighting
Emerald Sword
Sword Fighting
Waga Legend
Solar Axe
Axe Fighting
The Devileye
Distance Fighting
Nilix Bladorael
Rainbow Shield
Mechanical Fishing Rod
Mestor Wielkich
Golden Warrior Trophy
Premium Scroll
King Gabrielz
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