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The contact with the elves was mainly based on the mutual hatred of orcs and other monsters. In the past, the elves' acceptance of Carlin was founded on the fact that one of them was likely to be the next victim of another orc invasion. With Carlin's strength growing, the elves' opinion began to shift. Some even saw a threat in Carlin's growth, however, most agreed that in the case of an orcish threat both cities forces combined might be able to stop the green flood now. Still, there was only minor trade between Carlin and Ab'Dendriel since both cities strived for independence. Only when the orcish threat decreased and an invasion became unlikely, the trade began to flourish somewhat. Still, the alien culture of the elves makes it hard to have any meaningful negotiations. Particularly the complicated caste system with different leaders makes it very difficult to come to some kind of agreement that would please everyone.

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