Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Ab'Dendriel
Position 127.129, 123.222, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Elf
Occupational Properties
Job Guard
Other Properties
Version 6.2
June 10, 2001
Status Active
Elf Guard
You see Elf Guard.
NPC Bubble D


Main Entrance in Underwood


The Elf Guard watches over the main entrance to Ab'Dendriel. He does not have time for idle chit chat. If you say "elf", he talks about the Cenath, the Kuridai, and the Deraisim.


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Player: hi
Elf Guard: Ashari Player.
Player: job
Elf Guard: I am a guardian of this town. I have no time to chat!
Player: elf
Elf Guard: The elves of this city are the casts of the Cenath, the Kuridai, and the Deraisim.
Player: Cenath
Elf Guard: The Cenath are magic users. Look for them on the upper levels of the town.
Player: Deraisim
Elf Guard: The Deraisim are scouts and hunters. You may find them on the groundlevel of the city.
Player: Teshial
Elf Guard: There are no Teshial.
Player: weapon
Elf Guard: If you are looking for that kind of equipment you should ask a Kuridai.
Player: magic
Elf Guard: Ask around in Ab'Dendriel. Many elves can teach you something about magic. The Cenath love magic most of all.
Player: Thais
Elf Guard: The city of the humans lies somewhere far to the south beyond the mountains of the dwarfs.
Player: bye
Elf Guard: Asha Thrazi.