Elf Arcanist.gif
You see an elf arcanist.
  • I'll bring balance upon you!
  • Vihil Ealuel!
  • For the Daughter of the Stars!
  • Tha'shi Cenath!
  • Feel my wrath!


Elf Arcanists are the military guides of the elves. They belong to the martial caste, the Kuridai, and all of them are very suspicious against any intruder. They are the strongest fighters among the elves, know to handle several distance fighting weapons, and are very skilled in magic. They can even heal themselves.

Strongest of the Elf Class, these elves use strong magical attacks. Good source for Wands of Cosmic Energy. The Elf Arcanist Boss is Dharalion.


Melee (0-35), Arrows (0-70+), Heavy Magic Missile (30-50), Death Missile (70-85), Self Healing (40-60).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Elf Arcanist run from the opponent while attacking. They heal very quickly during a battle.


Mages: Experienced premium druids could try Earth Strike or Ice Strike while chasing them. Summoning a monk to help with the other elves is a good idea.
Knights with a decent level (around 20) and decent skills (50/50+) should have no problem killing an arcanist, even with a one-handed weapon. You could use a two handed weapon to speed up the kill, but beware of their arrows! At about level 45, knights no longer have any trouble facing several Arcanists at the same time.
Paladins around level 20 and good skills 50/50 or more to kill them faster than they can heal. They could also use Divine Missile or Divine Caldera to speed up killing due to thier vulnerability to Holy Damage.

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