One of the experiences of Magister Alverus went wrong, and now he is frozen in one of the Ivory Towers in Edron. Only with the power of the four vocations together (each with an element) can this great alchemist be saved.


Edron, Elemental Spheres.

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Required Equipment

The Elemental Sphere

After you have the 20 enchanted gems of your vocation, talk to Arkulius, who is next to frozen Alverus, located on the top floor of the south east Ivory Tower in Edron, here. Ask him about Alverus, shrines, sphere and about your mission and confirm with yes.

Note: You will need to be at level 80+ or Arkulius will not give you permission to enter the spheres.

Once you get the mission, head to the 4 elemental shrines on the lowest level of the middle tower in Ivory Tower, here.

You will see a Mysterious Machine at the north end of the room. Turn the machine OFF and use all 20 of your enchanted gems on the machine (it must be done 1 person at a time). After this you will see an energy effect under the machine. When all 20 gems are used, turn the machine ON and you will be teleported to your vocation's realm.

Elemental Spheres Quest - Machine.png

Note: After arriving in the realm you may leave, but you will then need 20 more enchanted gems.

The creatures in each realm are:

In the realm you need to kill the monsters until you have 8 soils:

After getting the soils, head to the part of your realm that has no elementals in it, but have a circle formed by 8 pillars (varies for each vocation/realm).

Elemental Spheres Quest - Pillar.png

Elemental Spheres Quest Fire Overlord (Sorcerer)

Place each soil on the floor beside each of the 8 holes, ice cubes, mushrooms or lava hole. After the soils are at the side of the place you will use them, lure 2 monsters next to the circle and kill both out of it. Then you can quickly activate your 8 soils by using them on the 8 marked places, followed by throwing 1 single body of a slain elemental into the circle. This will summon the overlord of your element.

Attention: Upon using the first soil, you will have 2 minutes to kill the boss. If you kill it before this time ends, you can throw another dead body inside the circle, making another boss appear. By repeating this procedure, it is possible to spawn more bosses during this 2 minutes. Keep in mind you cannot spawn more than one boss at a time. It's important to emphasize that the 2 minutes start to count by the moment you use the first soil, so if you take long to use the other soils you will waste precious time.

When the boss spawns, kill it and he will drop one of the following items:

Note: Only the player that deals most damage to the boss most will complete the mission. If you are not the killer of the boss, it will count as if you have not completed the mission given to you by Arkulius, and he will reject you when performing the next step.

After you have the boss item, go to the exit of the realm and go through the teleport. Report back to Arkulius. You will now be ready to do the final mission with the 3 other vocations.

Lord of the Elements

Note: Before you do the final mission, it is recommended that each player has their own Obsidian Knife.

Note: You will need your boss items here or you will be unable to teleport.
  • Once you hit the switch you will spawn into an "x" shaped room and will need to follow the signs for each vocation (there are no monsters here as of yet).
  • Walk to the end of your vocations pathway, where each player must use their boss item on the machine at the end of the hallway. Do not go into the teleport.
  • Walk back to the middle room to meet with the team.
  • Each player must now stand on one of the 4 tiles in the middle room with switches next to them. Hit the switches at the same time and the Lord of the Elements will spawn. The walls will block you in to the middle room only. You have 10 minutes from now on until you get teleported out.

Lord of elements

IMPORTANT: After the Lord of the Elements is dead you only have 10 seconds to loot it or the body will close. After that it is possible to skin.

Note: All players will get the neutral matter.

  • Exit through the teleport and report back to Arkulius to receive your reward.

You will be able to enter the room again with your team after 10 minutes have passed.


Player: hi
Arkulius: ...then I could transform a spell to bend... How can anyone expect me to work under these conditions?? What do you want?
Player: Alverus
Arkulius: It happened while he carried out an experiment concerning the creation of the elemental shrines. I still get goose bumps just by thinking of it. ...
Arkulius: You need to know about the process of creating an elemental shrine to understand it completely, but I don't want to go into detail now. ...
Arkulius: Anyway, his spell had a different outcome than he had planned. He accidentally created an Ice Overlord, pure living elemental ice, who froze him in a blink of an eye.
Player: shrines
Arkulius: The creation of the elemental shrines is a really complex matter. They are actually nodes, locations where the matching elemental sphere is very close. ...
Arkulius: The shrine itself is like a portal between our world and the elemental sphere and enables us to use the elemental energy emerging from it.
Player: sphere
Arkulius: There are four spheres we know of: ice, fire, earth and energy. ....<mumbles> Hmmm, should I ask or not?....The heck with it! Now that you know about the spheres ...
Arkulius: I found a way to visit them. It's VERY dangerous and there is a decent chance that you won't come back BUT if you succeed you'll write history!!! Ask me about that mission if you're interested.
Player: mission
If level is under 80:
Arkulius: I'm sorry this task is highly dangerous and I need experienced people for it.
If level is 80 or higher:
Arkulius: Okay, listen closely: First of all, you need to gather 20 enchanted amethysts in order to go to the energy sphere. Deep under the academy, one floor below the elemental shrines, there is a machine. Put the gems in there and activate it. ...
Arkulius: Once you got there, find a way to gather elemental energy in any form. You will face energy elementals, that's for sure, but I don't know how the energy is stored. ...
Arkulius: Anyway, there should be a way to use that energy and strengthen one of the elementals. If my calculations are right, you will create an Energy Overlord who hopefully will consist of some sort of 'concentrated' energy. ...
Arkulius: THAT'S what we need!! Are you in on it?
Player: yes
Arkulius: Good, don't waste time! Come back here when you have the elemental object!

Player: mission
If player doesn't have a soil:
Arkulius: You need some kind of pure elemental soil from the Fire Overlord. Come back when you've got it.
If he/she has it::
Arkulius: Impressive!! Let me take a look.......Ahh, an ETERNAL FLAME! Now you need to find a knight, a druid, and a paladin who also completed this first task. ...
Arkulius: Go down in the cellar again. I prepared a room under the academy where it should be safe. Your task is to charge the machines with the elemental substances and summon the LORD OF THE ELEMENTS. ...
Arkulius: When you use an obsidian knife on it's corpse you hopefully get some of the precious neutral matter. It's the only way to revive my dear friend Alverus!!

Player: mission
Arkulius: AMAZING!! I'm going to start immediately with the research. If it turns out the way I expect it, Alverus will be revived soon!! Here, take this as a reward and try to collect more of this substance. I'll make you a good offer, I promise.
Player: trade
Arkulius: I only buy neutral matter. You'll get 5,000 gold for each.

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