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You see an elder bonelord.
  • Inferior creatures, bow before my power!
  • Let me take a look at you!
  • 659978 54764!
  • 653768764!


Elder Bonelords are the masters of that necromantic race. They have grown enormously over times and outlived the usual lifespan of its kind by cheating death in some sinister way with its necromantic powers. Just like the size of this creature has enlarged also its evilness and power has done. Its magic outshines that of an ordinary bonelord and its mastery of the necromantic arts has reached levels that had so far been unknown to bonelords. It is them who spawn the dreaded gazers that grow into new bonelords and ensure the existence of the race. It is them who lead the other species of their kind with an iron will and brutal suppression. And it is them who have accumulated knowledge about magic and especially necromancy that was never meant to be known by any creature, dead or alive.

Bonelords are a necromantic race, so Elder Bonelords are usually accompanied by some undead creatures like Demon Skeletons, as well as other Bonelords.


Melee (0-50), Distance Life Drain (0-85), Mana Drain (0-40?), Paralysis, Fireball (0-80), Heavy Magic Missile (0-60), Stalagmite (0-70), Death Missile (0-90), Summons 0 to 6 Gazers or Crypt Shamblers.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Hellgate, near the Hellgate Library, Deeper Banuta, behind piano in Cult Cave to the northeast of Liberty Bay, Vandura Bonelord Cave, Goroma, Helheim, underground of Fenrock (on the way to Beregar), Vengoth.


Tries to keep a distance from its attacker, but does not run in low health.


The best way to kill them is for mages to use runes, and paladins to use bolts or arrows since they try to keep their distance from you, and may pull you into more Bonelords and Elder Bonelords.
High level sorcerers should take Flame Strike on the Elder Bonelord and its summons, so the summons dies.
If it isn't possible to kill the Elder Bonelord right away (for example, because you're taking too much damage) you may need to use runes like Great Fireball to get rid of the summons. You should watch out for Demon Skeletons, which are not summoned and will deal quite a lot of damage if you are unprepared.
If you encounter them when you don't intend to hunt or pass through them, for example while completing The Paradox Tower Quest, it is best to use Sudden Death or Explosion runes; two or three hits should kill them quickly, and they will pose little trouble.
It is often advantageous to wear an Elven Amulet when fighting Elder Bonelords, as this will reduce all damage by 5%.


Elder Bonelords were once called Elder Beholders, until Wizards of the Coast allegedly sued CipSoft GmbH for violating their copyright. The Bonelords strongly resemble Beholders in the old and popular roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons.


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