You see Edowir
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  • I'm just an old man, but I know a lot about Tibia.


White Flower Temple, south of Thais.


Edowir holds a lot of information on Tibia and its history.


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General Keywords

Player: Hi
Edowir: Oh, hello Player! How nice of you to visit an old man like me.
Player: Job
Edowir: I gather wisdom and knowledge. I am also an astrologer.
Player: knowledge
Edowir: Well just ask me about anything that might be of interest. We will see if I can help you.
Player: help
Edowir: I would like to help you. What is your problem?
Player: God
Edowir: Learn about the gods to learn from the gods.
Player: King
Edowir: Kings are children adorned with crowns.
Player: Magic
Edowir: I believe that true love is stronger than all magic, don't you agree?
Player: Name
Edowir: I am Edowir, but don't worry about remembering my name. I will forget your name as well.
Player: Edowir
Edowir: That's me, but don't worry about remembering my name. I will forget your name as well.
Player: Tibia
Edowir: If Tibia is a fallen god, does that makes us the maggots crawling on it?
Player: Time
Edowir: Time is a pillar and our lives wind around it like vine.
Player: Weapon
Edowir: Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.
Player: Castle
Edowir: A strong wall may protect from an assault, but what will protect you from the enemy within?
Player: Dungeon
Edowir: Dungeons are a place of danger, not of joy. Keep that in mind on your travels.
Player: Banshee
Edowir: The banshees were creatures that grief and despair turned into vengefull spirits after their deaths. Their wail is deadly and they draw new strength from the pain and fear of others.
Player: Cyclops
Edowir: Cyclopses are seen as the smithes of Blog, whom they call 'the ragehammer' or 'ragehammerer'. Indeed their skills create mostly crude and nasty looking weapons and armor which are incredible effective nonetheles.
Player: Blog
Edowir: Blog is the god of rage and fierce battle. Hes also the patron of power, although a power to opress and bully others around. He is the son of Zathroth and one of the tibian suns.
Player: Bozo
Edowir: Who laughs last, thinks slowest.
Player: Elane or Paladin
Edowir: A paladin is more than just a knight armed with a bow and some spells, though most seem to be unaware of that fact.
Player: Gregor or Knights
Edowir: Knights could be artists, but tend to become sellswords.
Player: Muriel
Edowir: Mages claim to be be wise, but how wise can it be to sacrifice your life to books and scrolls and not for the people?
Player: Sorcerer
Edowir: Mages claim to be be wise, but how wise can it be to sacrifice your life to books and scrolls and not for the people?
Player: Druids
Edowir: Druids seek enlightenment in nature, but they often just find what they brought with them.
Player: Oldrak or old
Edowir: Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
Player: monsters
Edowir: Man or monster, the difference is often just a matter of hides and scales.
Player: gossip
Edowir: Rumours are an unsafe path to follow.
Player: sewer
Edowir: Sewers are sometimes the safer ways to get where you want to.
Player: Excalibug
Edowir: The ancient dwarven kings forged it using magic metal , which they took from cyclopses who found it in the heart of a fallen star.
Player: dwarven
Edowir: The small but strong dwarves are tireless workers and fierce warriors. They are familiar with several crafts and mastered most of them. In our days their smithing skills are rivaled only by those of the cyclopses.
Player: magic metal
Edowir: There are several kinds of magic metals in our world, the best known are called Mesh Kaha Rogh, Za'Kalortith, Uth'Byth, Uth'Morc, Uth'Amon, Uth'Maer, Uth'Doon, and Zatragil.
Player: Mesh Kaha Rogh
Edowir: The so called singing steel causes a constant humming while its forged. It's said its a sign that it absorbs magic powers in the process and its probably easy to enchant it. However the secret where to mine or how to creat this ore is lost in time.
Player: Za'Kalortith
Edowir: This is the metal of 'evil'. The hell forged iron no ordinary flames can melt. Its rumored to be harvested in hell from iron rocks in which damned souls were imprisoned.
Player: Uth'Byth
Edowir: This steel absorbs magic, its of inferior quality compared to ordinary steel but its absorbing qualities make it important though.
Player: Uth'Morc
Edowir: What makes this black steel special is its lightness and special property of lacking the common steel 'noise'. Its also called silent steel or thiefs steel for that reason.
Player: Uth'Amon
Edowir: The luminescent brightsteel is used for artwork mainly. In ancient times items of great magic power were created using the brightsteel. Those secrets were lost with the races which hold them as their secrets.
Player: Uth'Maer
Edowir: The dwarfs call it heartiron and claim its part of the heart of the big old one. Therefore is sacred and its use is limited and regulated.
Player: Uth'Doon
Edowir: The dwarven high steel is relatively common but expensive and still hard to come by. The elite dwarven weaponary and armors are made of Uth'Doon.
Player: Zatragil
Edowir: The so called dreamsilver is a legendary metal. Almost everything we know about it are rumours only.
Player: soul vortex
Edowir: The gods created the vortex to guide powerful souls to our world so they might join the battle for creation.


Pits of Inferno

Player: triangle of terror
Edowir: The Triangle of Terror is a cabal of three archdemons that have put aside their quarrels to establish some power in the shadows of the Ruthless Seven. Although they are all very mighty demons, compared to one of the seven, they appear weak ...
Edowir: So they try not to interfere much with the doings of the seven and look for power elsewhere. Their members are Morgaroth, the schemer, Ghazbaran, the lord of blades and Zoralurk, the demon with the thousand faces.
Player: Morgaroth
Edowir: Morgaroth belongs to the cabal Triangle of Terror. He usually has minions to do his work rather than doing it himself. Although sometimes he enters our world in person to inspire the fear his cabal is built upon.
Player: Ghazbaran
Edowir: Ghazbaran is a member of the demonic cabal Triangle of Terror. He likes the physical challenge and combat as much as the pain and death he inflicts.
Player: Zoralurk
Edowir: Zoralurk is said to be a member of the demon cabal called Triangle of Terror. She is rumoured to wander the lands in many disguises, poisoning the body and minds of people by word or deed.
Player: Chalice of life
Edowir: This chalice was a tool of the gods which they created to make their task to create life easier. Zathroth who lacked the knowledge of creation stole that chalice and used it to spawn his evil minions.
Player: Evil minions
Edowir: The Djinn were the result of his first attempts. They were powerful and quite evil, but not as evil as Zathroth wished and quite independent in their thinking. Finally he discarded them and decided his second try would become his masterpiece.
Player: Masterpiece
Edowir: Zathroth channeled all the hatred and foulness he could muster. He added the burning rage of his son Blog and mixed it with fire. The energy that was released destroyed the chalice, but Zathroth had succeeded in creating the first demon.
Player: Zathroth
Edowir: Zathroth is the dark twin of Uman. They are one and they are two separate entities. We mortals can't really grasp this concept. He is the patron of dark magic and even darker secrets, the lust for dominance through cunning, and manipulation.
Player: Uman
Edowir: Uman is the light twin of Zathroth. Their unity and separation at once is a concept we cannot hope to grasp. He is the patron of light magic, the knowledge that benefits all and brings progress to the society.
Player: Demons
Edowir: Demons are the servants of evil. More or less devoted servers of Zathroth they cause strife and havoc wherever they appear. Their masters are known as Demonlords, Demon Overlords and Archdemon.
Player: Demon Overlords
Edowir: The overlords of the demonkind are more powerful than even demonlords are. They are nearly indestructible. Armoured with layers of impenetrable hide and endowed with awesome magical power, demon overlords are true incarnation of death.
Player: Archdemons
Edowir: The archdemons are few, and they are extremely rare. And a good thing, too, for they are the rulers of the demonrace. They are vain and powerhungry creatures who tend to form only small cabals and fight each other instead of allying up against creation.
Player: Cabals
Edowir: There are at least five demonic cabals of archdemons. The ruthless seven are the most prominent and powerful.
Player: Plains of Havoc
Edowir: Somewhere in the Plains of Havoc, where the Necromant King was defeated lies the secret entrance to the pits of inferno.
Player: Hugo
Edowir: I think you are referring to the beast Hugo that is said to still haunt the Plains of Havoc. The legends which tell of this creature are ancient and almost forgotten.
Player: Pits of inferno
Edowir: An infernal place in which the nightmare knights created a base to fight the minions of evil. It was lost when the Ruthless Seven conquered it.
Player: Ruthless seven
Edowir: They are more than a myth, they are a horrible reality. It is possible that they still reside in the pits of inferno.
Player: Nightmare knights
Edowir: The Nightmare Knights were an ancient order dedicated to fight evil. They were guided by prophetic dreams. The order ceased to exist after their war against the Brotherhood of Bones.
Player: Brotherhood of Bones
Edowir: This brotherhood was an secret society of necromancers and followers of purest evil. They were vanquished long ago by their arch-enemies, the Nightmare Knights.
Player: Legends
Edowir: As far as we know, once a terrible beast roamed the lands we now call the Plains of Havoc. It was so fierce that no one dared to even dream about killing it. Finally it was tricked by the knight Endulos.
Player: Endulos
Edowir: Endulos was not a great warrior, but a man of wit and genius. After many of his brethren of the Nightmare Knights had fallen prey to the beast, he came up with a cunning plan to end that threat.
Player: Cunning plan
Edowir: He lured Hugo into a trap. Bound by roots and stones charged with powerful magic he could not move anymore. Now, the beast lies trapped in a hidden cave for eternity.
Player: Hidden cave
Edowir: The legends tell us that the Nightmare Knights trapped it beneath one of their fortresses, or rather that they built a fortress on top of his eternal prison.
Player: Defile
Edowir: Whatever the original meaning of that underground complex was, it is now like an open wound in the nearby lands, spreading madness and attracting all kinds of ghosts and apparitions.
Player: Goshnar
Edowir: The Necromant King. He is dead forever, and that is the nicest thing I can say about him. May he rot in his tomb.


Djinns and Djinn wars

Player: Djinn
Edowir: Legend has it that the Djinn were created by Zathroth by using the stolen chalice of life. They roamed the world for Aeons causing strife and despair until Gabel, one of their lords met a very special human.
Player: Civil war
Edowir: In the war of the Djinn citys were levelled, lands were cursed and islands sunk. Finally, Malor was caught and imprisoned in an enchanted bottle. His followers fled this plane, while the good djinn laid to rest to recover their strength.
Player: Malor
Edowir: Malor was second in power only to Gabel and his followers among the Djinn were many. It was not easy for the evil Djinn to change their ways, and many preferred to follow Malor instead of Gabel. In the end a civil war erupted.
Player: Gabel
Edowir: Gabel was the most powerful among the Djinn lords. He was cruel and merciless, until one day his minions brought a certain human to him whom they had captured and tortured.
Player: Certain human
Edowir: This human showed no fear and did not yield under torture. They could bend him, but they never managed to break him. Impressed by this mortal, Gabel talked to him and learned about his philosophy.
Player: Philosophy
Edowir: The human whom the Djinn had caught was none other but Daraman. The mighty Gabel was intrigued by his philosophy an changed his ways according to Daramans teachings.
Player: Teachings
Edowir: The teachings of asceticism, inner peace and ascension appealed to the Djinn, although in the beginning this was probably only because of his vanity and his greed for divinity. However, Malor and his followers opposed him.
Player: Daraman
Edowir: Daraman was a sage with ambition, that is for sure. His philosophy centred around the idea that by controlling yourself you could improve yourself. The closer you are coming to perfection, the closer you are to ascension to divinity.



Player: Cenath
Edowir: The cenath favour magic above all other. They are the keeper of elven lore and wisdom. They are responsible for the astounding feats of druidic magic the elves are capable of.
Player: Deraisim
Edowir: One could call the Deraisim the scouts and rangers of elvenkind. Although all elves are formidable in that area, the Deraisim excel them all.
Player: Kuridai
Edowir: The Kuridai are the craftsmen and warriors of elvenkind. They are allways moving, always scheming. They are the most aggressive elves and distrust outsiders. An outsider might be each non-Kuridai to them.
Player: Teshial
Edowir: Its said that those elves were the masters of the dreams. Which many consider as a special brand of magic. However they seem to have vanished from the face of tibia ages ago and their fate is unknown.



Player: Ab'Dendriel
Edowir: Although lovely, the city of the elves lacks the grace and the vibrance of the elven cities of old. The elves are still working on improvement of their settlement.
Player: Carlin
Edowir: A city in the far north. It separated from the Thaian kingdom about 100 years ago. Now it is ruled by a dynasty of queens.
Player: Darashia
Edowir: The town of Darashia is built around one of the few sweet water supplies of Darama. It is famous for its sand wasp honey and its sandworm stew.
Player: Darama
Edowir: The desert lands of Darama are harsh and unforgiving. Therefore Daraman led his people there to found a new community based upon his teachings.
Player: Edron
Edowir: Edron is the latest colony of the Thaian kingdom. However, structures of an earlier colonisation have been found. We cannot tell if those inhabitants were human or of any other known race.
Player: Drefia
Edowir: The dreaded town of Drefia was once a haven for heretics, necromancers and demon worshipper. Its was destroyed in the war of the Djinn.
Player: Ghostland
Edowir: The Ghostlands are haunted by their past. In bygone days some ancient race lived there. Deep beneath the earth some of their structures are still intact and defile the surrounding lands.
Player: Kazordoon
Edowir: The ancient fortrescity of the dwarf was carved into the mountain known as 'the big old one'. Its quite hidden and heavily guarded to withstand any assault.
Player: Mintwallin
Edowir: The underground city of the minotaurs can be reached through a dangerous passage from the old temple.
Player: Mount Sternum
Edowir: Behind the mountain lies a land of great danger.
Player: Old temple
Edowir: In the old days the underground temple was built for the glory of Banor after a victory over the orcish hordes. It is now an abandoned and dreary place overrun by rotworms.
Player: Rookgaard
Edowir: It was on rookgaard where the soul vortex appeared. The Thaian kingdom holds an outpost there to protect the vortex and to guide the newly arrived souls.
Player: Thais
Edowir: Thais is the capital of an ancient human kingdom. Once its rule was more or less undisputed. In the years the stregth of the thaian kingdom eroded by different events.
Player: Venore
Edowir: Venore is a center of commerce and trade. Its ambitious trade-barons are nominally subjects of the thaian kingdom.
Player: paradox tower
Edowir: The Paradox Tower was home of a mighty but mad wizard. Its said that only the cunning and mad can brave the tests of that tower to gain its treasures.
Player: Bye
Edowir: Come back whenever you're in need of wisdom.