This book has no notes.

(You see a scrap of torn paper. The writing on it is blood-stained and barely legible)

...evaluation of the variety of local poisons and their medical use.
... dworcs' poison and antidote expertise is unrivalled, but contact ... most inimical due to the dworcs' unfortunate belief that humans taste rather nice.

...Two of our group, the youngest, have been infected by the careless handling of toxin samples from strange flowers, and are hallucinating badly. ... no time to search for an antidote. Still, I owe it young Jenkinson and Abrams to at least try to find some help.
... saw and heard a ritual close by.
... are watched by the dworcs, but so far, they have not attacked. Maybe I can come to some sort of arrangement.
... trapped. It seems part of the ritual to let us anticipate the worst...
Waited for him to die of that slow poison before sacrificing Abrams to whatever god it is they believe in, and his heart is now being devoured by the disgusting ...
... must warn anyone who reads this not to make the same mistake I did. ... too late.