You see a dwarven ring (hard drinking) that is brand-new.
It weighs 1.10 oz.


The Dwarven Ring prevents drunkenness and has energy for 60 minutes. It is helpful in slaying monsters that make you drunk, such as Assassins, Cyclops Smiths, Cults, Djinns, Dworc Voodoomasters and Wyverns.

Note that the character does not become sober, but the effects of drunkenness are inactive while the ring is worn: your character remains drunk. Thus, taking the ring off after you have killed all drunkenness-causing creatures will still render your character incapacitated.

In addition to the loot from various creatures, they can also be found inside Usable crates that are around Thais, Yalahar and Edron.

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Trade Details

Buy From

Yaman1Mal'ouquah2,000 Gold

Sell To

Yaman1Mal'ouquah100 Gold