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Dwarven report XII
Enemy territory and settlements

Our scouts recently discovered a great number of elven hideouts within the "deeper woodlands". They also have a great city, comparable to a capital, there, which is called Ab'Dendriel, and is mainly inhabitated by Deraisim and Cenath. The defenses are rather weak, and it seems like a lot of nomads and wanderers pass through the region.

We also found ruins within the hidden mystic valley, the structure of the buildings is typically elven. The ruins seem to be the result of a harsh thunderstorm of magic, but it was too long ago for us to find closer traces.

More interesting should be the fact, that the volcanic regions beyond the thundery mountains seem to be colonised by the elves as well. There dwells a race called Kuridai, and they seem to be the most aggressive and militant elves we encountered yet.

Suggestions about possible assault targets if war will be at hand are envoiced in sub-report EY-01.

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