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Dwarven report VII
Enemy magic

Our elemantarists have successfully unrevealed the the secrets of what is called "dream magic". It is a subconscious way of influencing the surroundings. It is mainly used by elven parents that want to shape their unborn child, but, this is the far more important threat, some elves, especially those called "Teshial" posess the ability to wander some kind of "dream realm" instead of the real world. This gives them the oppurtunity to appear somewhere out of the blue, but, fortunately, the Teshial never used this skill to ambush, and the other elves posess only small remnants of this magic.
Never the less, the 2nd earthen chamber is evolving a counter spell for that, that increases the elemental signature of beings near, forcing them into the real realm.

The other kinds of their magics are limited to protective and growing spells, whicht yet do not prove any harm, but are very supportive for their strife. It is rumored that they have also a lot of illusionary and concealing spells, but investigations here have not yet led to final results, as well as we can only deny the existance of aggressive magic by an elven race od caste od unknown origin.

For further information refer to sub-report AX-27.