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Dwarven Names
A dwarf gets one given name at his birth. This is common among many of the races. From this day on the young dwarf is monitored for his behaviour and interests. With the beginning of adolescense the dwarf gets initiated to a cult that is considered suitable for him. The more progressive dwarves who try to change and create something new are initiated as child of the fire, whereas the conservative, preserving dwarves are initiated to the cult of earth. (Sidenote: the mad inventors that embrace 'undwarfish' priciples and concepts are inititated to the technomancers cults and named children of the machine) So two dwarven siblings may claim to be son/daughter of a different element although they share the same biological parents. Later the dwarf gets to choose a brotherhood (which is a imprecise but common translation of the dwarven term which is far better and literally translates into 'fellowship'). The more aggressive types would choose the savage axes, a rowdy group of dwarves that has some fame to be easily angered. The more patient (sometimes patient to an extent that drives humans nearly mad) would choose the molten rock fellowship and those that are adventurous and even foolhardy risktakers would join the dragoneaters and so on. There are a dozen or so fellowships although only three or four are prominent enough to be commonly known. They could be compared with some kind of social club or guild in human terms.

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