You see a dwarven helmet (Arm:6, protection physical +2%).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
It weighs 42.00 oz.


This helmet is a very rare loot from the Minotaur bosses General Murius and The Horned Fox. Dwarven Helmet's price skyrocketed after the implementation of Imbuing with the Winter Update 2016. This helmet itself has +2% physical resistance and additional 2 imbuing slots, additionally, it has no level and vocation requirements, making it a very interesting option mostly for mages becouse of extra resistance, but remember Dwarven Helmet CANNOT be imbued with extra Magic Level like all other non mage-exclusive helmets. If you are a knight or a paladin and you don't care about imbuements, Zaoan Helmet is a better option because it gives you a higher physical protection, its only downside is that it has 1 less imbuing slot.

Its rivals, Demon Helmet and Visage of the End Days, will only be better options if you want 2 imbuing slots or you are not taking more than 200 physical damage per hit. However, the Enchanted Werewolf Helmets would always protect more than a dwarven helmet, but they have level requirement (100) and no imbuing slots.

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Players only.

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Players only.