You see a dwarven helmet (Arm:6, protection physical +2%).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
Classification: 3 Tier: 0.
It weighs 42.00 oz.


This helmet is a very rare loot from the Minotaur boss The Horned Fox. Dwarven Helmet's price skyrocketed after the implementation of Imbuing with the Winter Update 2016. This helmet itself has +2% physical resistance and additional 2 imbuing slots, additionally, it has no level and vocation requirements, making it a very interesting option mostly for mages becouse of extra resistance, but remember Dwarven Helmet CANNOT be imbued with extra Magic Level like all other non mage-exclusive helmets. If you are a knight or a paladin and you don't care about imbuements, Zaoan Helmet is a better option because it gives you a higher physical protection, its only downside is that it has 1 less imbuing slot.

Its rivals, Demon Helmet and Visage of the End Days, will only be better options if you want 2 imbuing slots or you are not taking more than 200 physical damage per hit. However, the Enchanted Werewolf Helmets would always protect more than a dwarven helmet, but they have level requirement (100) and no imbuing slots.

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