The fallen gnome general mentioned is most likely Gnomevil.


We are in serious trouble down here.
The attacks are becoming increasingly aggressive again. An all-out attack is to be expected soon, if nothing is done to prevent it.
I cannot even tell if they are beasts or... something else. All I know is that they are dangerous and their numbers seem not to diminish at all.
The gnomes provided us with some vital information about the enemy. I don't even try to understand how hey acquired it - something about crystals and undercover mushrooms.
If the gnomes are right, and they don't tire in telling you they are, then the monster hordes are the least threat to worry about. They are seemingly pumping up the lava and plan to fry us all alive.
It's outrageous for any true dwarf but the term of our treaty allowed the gnomes to tinker with our weapons and defences. Granted, until now that had not all of us blown up - yet. However, I don't trust in such modern, experimental stuff and would prefer our old tried and true stuff, even if it seemingly was less efficient, in the long run it had prevailed.
Those Gnomes know a thing or two about mushrooms and their crystal stuff. However, that never could replace solid, good, old metal.
Fancy new stuff is for those who never knew something truly good. Of course, they need new stuff, considering the junk they call their own. True masterwork never needs to be replaced though.

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