Dwarf Bridge

The Dwarf Bridge is a bridge situated around the centre of the tibia mainland. It is crossed regularly when travelling between the south and north towns. It is north-east of Thais, south-east of Carlin, south-west of Ab'Dendriel and north-west of Venore. It is named the dwarf bridge due to the three dwarves and two dwarf soldiers that inhabit it. There are also two dwarven statues on the dwarf bridge.

Some players that have a low level find this bridge a point of no return, due to the fact that if they are going north, they can't see the deadly respawn of Dwarves. Maryza refers to the Dwarf bridge, when asking for "news"
Maryza: The boys of the Savage Axe at the bridge are running wild these days.

The Dwarf Bridge is also common for PK teams due the big amount of people that cross the bridge.

Before the Christmas Update of 2005, it was common that high levels lured Giant Spiders to this place, something that is illegal as explained in the Tibia Rules. Players used to ask through the Game-Chat or the Trade-Channel if it was safe to choose this path.

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