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Biographies of the Rich and Infamous
Dustbeard the Pirate Vol. 1

This is the sensational story behind one of our most notorious pirates, whose hairstyle has sparked a veritable fashion amongst the more rebellious Tibian nobility! It is the story of (who else could it be?) Dustbeard, the infamous and follicly advantaged Pirate! Dustbeard was born under the unassuming name of Brian Eagleston in the City of Carlin. Even in his youth he made a name for himself with the town's authorities, getting involved in brawls in taverns and vandalising public property. He was among the first to be banned from Karl's pub in Carlin. Before he could even grow the beard that was to become his trademark he was involved in the illegal production and trade of alcohol. After some of his customers suffered severe illnesses (hallucinations, memory loss, blindness) he was arrested and sentenced to forced labour in the woods and docks. It was in this milieu that he reinvented himself as a political activist and freedom fighter, demonstrating the skills in leadership and oratory that were to serve him so well in his later career. He convinced his inmates that his trade in alcohol was in fact a form of rebellion. He was not even 20 years of age when he led his fellow prisoners in a revolt in which they captured the ship they had just helped to build and set sail for Thais. Unfortunately, none of his followers were proficient in sailing or navigation, and his first outing as a pirate was doomed to end in failure. The ship was wrecked on a reef while they were trying to reach a village to pilfer food and water. However, he and his men made it to the shore, where they proceeded to relieve the terrified villagers of their food, while faithfully promising that they would be repaid for the loss in due course in the name of the Thaian King. This procedure turned commonplace - he and his crew roamed the wilderness, harassing towns, knowing full well that this questionable course would provoke and bring them into conflict with the authorities, should they ever show up in Thais.

However, this career of pillaging villages and coastal towns was fated to meet an end when he attempted to capture the cargo of a trade ship docked in the harbour of a sleepy coastal town. The Pirate Jolly Jack and his men had beaten them to the town and in the ensuing battle the majority of Brian's men were killed or fled, and Brian, a survivor as always, surrendered. The survivors were given the choice to join Jolly Jack's crew or be left to face the fury of the townsfolk. Of course, Brian and his remaining men chose to join the pirates. The following years saw Brian bloom into a capable seaman and pirate. His popularity amongst his pirate brethren was assured by his skill in brewing alcohol from anything and everything which he could get his hands on. However, it was his brewing skills that once again get him into trouble. A storm struck the ship after a night of particularly heavy drinking from a particularly heavy brew - half of the crew was unconscious and the other half were feeding the fishes. It was on this evening that an air elemental chose to attack the ship. It focused its attacks upon the sails of the ship, hoping to break the mast and drown the drunken sailors. Brian, more drunk than sober, climbed the mast and challenged the elemental fiend. Although it is unlikely that the elemental understood the curses and insults hurled at it by the drunken Brian, it was angered enough to attack him. It left off trying to drown the crew, and focussed instead upon the hapless Brian. It grabbed him and carried him high up into the air, where they were struck by lightning.

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