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Biographies of the Rich and Infamous
Dustbeard the Pirate Vol. 2

Those crewmen who were capable of realising that what they had seen was not a drink induced mass hallucination, believed Brian dead, but soon thereafter a second flash of lightning revealed his seemingly unconscious body floating in the water. They were able to retrieve Brian, more dead than alive from the waves. Over the next few days, it became clear that Brian's brush with the lightning had not left him unchanged. His hair was completely statically charged and reacted to any contact with metal with violent sparks of lightning, and any contact with others led to them getting slight electric shocks. Brian reacted rather stoically and refrained from shaving his beard and cutting his hair. The static charge meant that his hair attracted dust - thus giving him the nickname of Dustbeard. When Jolly Jack went into retirement, Dustbeard's characteristic appearance, his golden tongue, his skills as a seaman and liberal amounts of homebrewed alcohol led him to be the natural choice of the crew as captain.

Upon becoming captain he remembered his old grudge towards his hometown and began to harass the coastal towns of Carlin. When Carlin re-established contact to the town of Svargrond, Dustbeard was there to threaten the new shipping lines. Dustbeard and his men might not be the most skilled pirates but they are known to attack ships against all odds when they are drunk enough. Their unpredictability in battle often gives them the element of surprise, and often their victims are so astonished at the sight of the drunken pirates with their manically haired Captain, that Dustbeard's men more often than not meet with success. It is only a question of time though, before this kind of behaviour will lead to their demise.

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