You see a druid familiar


    When you look at a summoned Druid Familiar, you will see the summoner's character name and how long it will take for the summon to disappear.​ It can be summoned by Druids of level 200 or higher, by saying the magic words: Utevo gran res dru (Summon Druid Familiar). All the experience that is expected to be 'gained' by the summon goes to the player. So there is no shared exp between the summon and its summoner, like with the normal Summon Creature spell.

    It will follow players at their speed and will go up and down stairs and holes with them. It lasts for 15 minutes with a 30 minutes cooldown. It can go with you to a protection zone. If you logout, it will disappear stopping the countdown of its timer, and will reappear when you login again.


    Physical Damage Melee (0-300?)
    Earth Damage Root Missile (230-260?)
    Earth Damage Earth Beam (2 sqm) (90-150?)
    Healing Self-Healing (600)
     Challenge (2 sqm wide)

    Damage Taken From Elements

    Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
    Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
    Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
    Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
    Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
    Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
    Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


    Following its master.


    Attacks the player target from melee distance casting challenge and self-healing very often.


    The Druid Familiar can be very useful for low level Druids as a free blocker and damage boost. Due to its timer/cooldown mechanic, you cannot have 100% uptime of it, so it's important to beware when it's about to disappear as all creatures will change target. Since it's main function is to act like a blocker, it's not recommended to use it when hunting with a Knight as it will Challenge the creatures away from him, reducing the knight's damage output.

    Learning how to manage the summon can be tricky at first, as you cannot force it to cast its challenge spell. You should be prepared to block the creatures you're going to fight for a few turns until the Druid Familiar challenges them, since its spell use is quite erratic. Similarly, it's possible that it doesn't use the spell for a few seconds, allowing the creatures to retarget. An important strategy when using the Druid Familiar to block several creatures is to always change your target to the creature that will die last, because if the Druid Familiar doesn't have a target it will run back to its master, bringing the creatures its blocking with it.

    At higher levels, the Druid Familiar is used mostly in emergencies to Challenge creatures that are trapping another player or yourself. This however isn't always effective as the summon dies very quickly to strong creatures and may not even use the Challenge spell before that.


    From their release until the Winter Update 2020, there was only one type of Familiar for each vocation, and the Druid Familiar was simply called Grovebeast.


    • This creature drops no loot.

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