Besides Ladders, Ramps and Stairs there are also other types of elevation. Instead of going up you can also go down.


Name Move Walk Notes
Closed Trapdoor Closed Trapdoor.gif When stepping on one, you will fall through it.
Earth Hole Earth Hole.gif Step on it to fall down to a lower floor.
Looks the same as the open version of a Pitfall.
Grille Grille.gif If you try to enter it without being eligible to, you will see the message You don't have Larek's permission to go down there!
Hole (Pitfall) Hole (Pitfall).gif Walk over it to go down.
Hole (Rock) Hole (Rock).gif The most common type of hole. It has been opened with a Shovel, Light Shovel, or Secret Agent Tool. Walk over it to go down. It will reappear as a closed hole after 5 minutes.
Large Hole (Webs) Large Hole (Webs).gif A Large Hole covered in webs.
Large Hole Large Hole.gif A larger version of a hole. Walk over it to go down.
Pitfall Pitfall.gif This is a very tricky tile! If you don't watch out and walk over it you will fall down in a cave with e.g. Dworcs (a lot of pitfalls in Tiquanda), Chakoyas (near their settlement) or Quara Scouts (Talahu and Malada).
Sewer Grate Sewer Grate.gif Use it to go down.
Some Cracks (Hole) Some Cracks (Hole).gif Walking on such cracks will make you fall to the floor below.
Stairs (Down) Stairs (Down).gif Walk over them to go down.
Trapdoor Trapdoor.gif Walk over it to go down.

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