You see a drome cube.
It weighs 45.00 oz.
There is something valuable inside.


Use it to get one of the following:
Kooldown-Aid Kooldown-Aid
Strike Enhancement Strike Enhancement
Stamina Extension Stamina Extension
Charm Upgrade Charm Upgrade
Wealth Duplex Wealth Duplex
Bestiary Betterment Bestiary Betterment
Fire Resilience Fire Resilience
Ice Resilience Ice Resilience
Earth Resilience Earth Resilience
Energy Resilience Energy Resilience
Holy Resilience Holy Resilience
Death Resilience Death Resilience
Physical Resilience Physical Resilience
Fire Amplification Fire Amplification
Ice Amplification Ice Amplification
Earth Amplification Earth Amplification
Energy Amplification Energy Amplification
Holy Amplification Holy Amplification
Death Amplification Death Amplification
Physical Amplification Physical Amplification

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Obtained by trading 2500 drome points in the Tibiadrome.
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It looks the same as a Surprise Cube.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.