Drefia is an ancient city now inhabited by necromants of the Brotherhood of Bones and their fellow undeads, which lies west of Darashia (here).

Drefia was once a lush city that just like Kha'labal was fertile and full of trees and other jungle-wise temperatures. It has become a scorching desert and a buried town after they have allied with the fearsome Blue Djinns, to whom they fought viciously against their counterparts, and as a revenge, the green djinns conjured a whirlpool spell that has dragged the once town inhabited by fearsome Necromancers and thus, sentenced their inhabitants to flee in refuge downstairs, where they have established and strengthened the dreaded order of the Brotherhood of Bones formerly led by Falnus, who was later renamed to Goshnar the Necromant King.

Getting There

There are several ways to get there, however, all of them are across the mountain-complex parting Ankrahmun, Darashia, Drefia and Tiquanda. Among other methods you can rope yourself up here, walk a ramp up here, or come from the passage between Darashia and Ankrahmun.
On the mountain be prepared to face lots of Scorpions, a good hint is to save up a lot of mana for Antidote-spells.

Hunting there

Drefia is split in two halves, the southern half is the "easy" half.

Northern Part

Here you will find Demon Skeletons, Stalkers, Ghouls, Ghosts, Pirate Ghosts, Pirate Skeletons and Skeleton Warriors and in the underground dwell Demon Skeletons, Ghouls and a few Necromancers. It's a very common place for solo Mages with summoned Demon Skeletons.

Deep below also lies the infamous Vampire Hell, being home for not only vampires but also Mummies and Demon Skeletons. A common place for solo hunts by Paladins and Mages. It is also home to the Drefia Grim Reaper Dungeons.

Beyond the Medusa Shield Quest there is also a large wyrm spawn.
It is recommended to use Invisible or Stealth Ring when walking through the ground level to your hunting place there. Some additional level and skills are recommended in the northern part:

Knights: Level 65 skills 70/70
Paladins: Level 50 skills 75
Mages: Level 40  

Southern Part

This part has Hyaenas, Skeletons, Skeleton Warriors, Snakes and Scorpions on the ground level. Hidden by poison fields in the north of this side, there's a cave with Beholders, Ghouls and Slimes on the -1 floor, -2 there are 2 Ghosts, -3 there are 2 Vampires, and -4 there is a single Grim Reaper.

Vampire Dungeon

Approximately right in the middle of southern Drefia, there is a dungeon. On the -1 floor there are 3 Skeleton Warriors, -2 there are 3 Skeleton Warriors and a Ghoul, -3 there are 2 ghouls and a Beholder, and -4 there is a single Vampire.


Go to the largest ruin in Drefia, and go down the stairs until you reach a cave. Be careful, there are many ghosts, ghouls, demon skeletons, stalkers and scorpions on the way down, a Stealth Ring is strongly recommended here.

To the north is the Library Spawn, with 4 Necromancers. When going towards the Library Spawn, you will see a passage to the left. This is the way to the star room and Medusa Shield Quest.

To the south are two spawns. South-west has 3 Necromancers and the south-east has 2 Necromancers. Directly south is Vampire hell with 8-10 Vampires and also stalkers, ghosts and demon skeletons. To the right there is also a spawn of 2 Grim Reapers.

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There also are some quests in Drefia.

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