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Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Yalahar
Position 128.120, 123.46, 10
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Animate Object
Occupational Properties
Job Guard
Other Properties
Version 9.6
July 11, 2012
Status Event
Dread Guardian
You see Dread Guardian.


    Vengoth, Devovorga's realm.


    Grants access to Rise of Devovorga bosses in exchange for Tentacle Pieces. Looks like a Guardian Statue.


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    Player: hi
    Dread Guardian: Hello, mortal. What are you doing in this {realm}?
    Player: realm
    Dread Guardian: This is the realm of {Devovorga}.
    Player: Devovorga
    Dread Guardian: She slumbers, and she dreams... at least what is left of her {essence}.
    Player: essence
    Dread Guardian: The essence of Devovorga is trapped in this realm. Are you here to help me fight them?
    Player: name
    Dread Guardian: Your body is not made for pronouncing it.
    Player: job
    Dread Guardian: I am a {guardian}.
    Player: guardian
    Dread Guardian: I fight the {essence} of Devovorga and guard the portal to the upper world.
    Player: bye
    Dread Guardian: Leave fast.

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