You see a dread doll.
It weighs 11.00 oz.
It is shining with positive energy and was awarded by FunTibia.com.
  • Mhausheausheu! What a FAIL! Mwahaha!
  • Hail <character name>! You are wearing old socks!
  • You are so unpopular even your own shadow refuses to follow you.
  • Have fun with FunTibia.com!


It's the official FunTibia item. Romano The Knight received this item as FunTibia's head administrator, and Geeviz as its creator. Andarist won the doll in Masters of Fun contest, his joke was selected by users as the best one. Dark Elemental won the doll in the Tibia Movie Awards of 2011.

Current owners of this item:


Item was originally added in Update 8.72.

Due to a map bug with Update 9.1 that took place in Thais Castle throne room, it spawned during 2 days after server save, which led to some players from all game worlds briefly obtaining this fansite item. With that mistake reported, CipSoft later turned it into a Doll (Dread) - as can be read on this news article and this Auditorium post - for some months, and then was changed into a Fan Doll of Queen Eloise. The original Dread Doll was reintroduced and given back to the original fansite contest winners in Update 9.2.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

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Players only.

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Players only.