The Dragonblaze Peaks is a vast mountain range separating the Zao Steppe, in the south, from the Muggy Plains, in the north. The mountains are so high that their peaks are even covered with snow. Many canyons cross the mountains and several caves grant shelter, but only one mountain pass allow adventurers to cross this rock mass. That is if one is brave enough to face the Dragons, Dragon Lords and Frost Dragons, which inhabit these mountains and does not get captured in the large underground fortress of the Draken.

The south part of the peaks can be reached almost immediately, only the first mission of The New Frontier Quest needs to be started. The north part of the peaks can be reached in a later mission of this quest. There is 14-15 Stairs which you can use to climb the mountain and reach the various kinds of dragons. There is also a couple entrances to go underground to fight High Class Lizards.

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Dragon Hatchling
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Dragon Lord Hatchling
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Dragon Lord
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Frost Dragon Hatchling
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Frost Dragon
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