You see a dragon throne kit.
It weighs 75.00 oz.
Use it in your house to construct a dragon throne.


Use it in a house to unpack a Dragon Throne Dragon Throne. It looks the same as a large Furniture Package.
This item can only be obtained once every 5 weeks (35 days), and only by a character who has handed in 12 Tomes of Knowledge to Cael.

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Player: hi
Cael: Greetings, Player! You must have come around quite a bit. I'm always interested in learning new things about Zao.
Player: red piece of cloth
Cael: Have you brought me a piece of red cloth? I can make a throne for you if you want. But remember, I won't do that all the time - so try and don't destroy it, okay?
Player: yes
Cael: Let's put this cloth over the seat.. there you go. I wrap it up for you, just unwrap it in your house again!
Player: bye
Cael: Farewell, Player! Come back with new stories!

Dragon Throne Kit
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Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Cael1Farmine1 Red Piece of Cloth

Sell To

Players only.