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| name = Dragon Lord
| hp = 1900
| exp = 2100
| ratio = 1.105
| summon = --
| convince = --
| illusionable = yes
| isboss = no
| creatureclass = Reptiles
| primarytype = Dragons
| abilities = [[Melee]] (0-220), [[Great Fireball]] (100-180), [[Fire Wave]] (150-260), [[Firebomb]], [[Self-Healing]] (Around 90).
| maxdmg = 760
| immunities = [[Invisibility]], [[Paralysis]]
See this monsters in us special page, on the official website.
| physicalDmgMod = 100%
| holyDmgMod = 100%
| deathDmgMod = 100%
| fireDmgMod = 0%
| energyDmgMod = 80%
| iceDmgMod = 110%
| earthDmgMod = 20%
| drownDmgMod = 100%?
| hpDrainDmgMod = 100%?
| behavior = Dragon Lords attack their opponents viciously with deadly [[Fire Damage|Fire-Based Attacks]]. They run in low [[health]].
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| sounds = "YOU WILL BURN!"; "ZCHHHHHHH".
| notes = A really dangerous [[creature]], it's extremely powerful and heals itself.
| location = [[Ankrahmun Dragon Lairs]], [[Banshee Quest]] final room (level 60+ to open the door), Deeper [[Cyclopolis]] past the Dragon Spawn (level 30+ to open the door), [[Draconia]], [[Edron Dragon Lair]], [[Fibula Dungeon]] (level 50+ to open the door), [[Maze of Lost Souls]] (level 30+ to open the door), [[Pits of Inferno]] Dragon Lair, Dragon Lord hole in [[Plains of Havoc]], [[Thais Dragon Lair]], [[Goroma Dragon Lairs]], [[Venore Dragon Lair]], [[Arena and Zoo Quarter]] ([[Yalahar]]), beneath [[Fenrock]].
| strategy = A common strategy involves a [[knight]] blocking while several [[Paladin]]s and/or [[Mage]]s stay as far away as possible from the creature while shooting bolts and or runes. [[Mage]]s can also summon [[Demon Skeleton|demon skeletons]] to block the creature as they are not affected by fire. Knights when blocking are advised to stand diagonally to the dragon lord to avoid the fire wave attack; a practice often called ''dancing with the dragon''; although it is no display of affection.
If you are on a non-pvp world, a [[Knight]] and a [[Druid]] can hunt like this in big spawns (such as Pits of Inferno Dragon Lair):
The knight lures a few DLs, and keeps standing at one spot. The [[Druid]] has to stand a certain number of squares away from him, and, using [[Ice Wave]], hit all the DLs that are attacking the knight, also healing the knight with [[exura sio]]. LOTS of experience can be obtained like this in a short time.
Higher level players can solo dragon lords in different ways as set out below.<br>
'''Knights''' can use melee and [[Exori]]-spells, healing as required.<br>
'''Mages''' (recommended [[Level]] 35+) can use attacks like [[Ice Strike]] or [[Icicle (Rune)|Icicles]] to kill dragon lords, supported by some [[Avalanche (Rune)|Avalanches]] when they are trying to run away, since they're weak against this element. Alternatively they can summon [[Demon Skeleton]]s to keep the dragon lord at a distance and shoot runes. Keep in mind that the dragon lord will kill the [[Demon Skeleton]]s quite fast, so you should be bringing a few healing runes, alternatively summon a new.<br>
'''Paladins''' can shoot bolts or [[Ethereal Spear]]s while running to avoid the fire waves and melee attacks.
| loot = 0-250 [[gp]], 0-5 [[Dragon Ham]], [[Small Sapphire]], [[Golden Mug]], [[Gemmed Book]], [[Green Mushroom]], 0-7 [[Power Bolt]], [[Life Crystal]], [[Energy Ring]], 0-3 [[Royal spear]], [[Strange Helmet]] (rare), [[Red Dragon Scale]], [[Red Dragon Leather]] (rare), [[Fire Sword]] (rare), [[Tower Shield]] (rare), [[Dragon Slayer]] (very rare), [[Strong Health Potion]] (rare), [[Royal Helmet]] (very rare), [[Dragon Scale Mail]] (very rare), [[Dragon Lord Trophy]] (very rare). <noinclude>([[Dragon Lord/Loot Statistics|Loot Statistics]])</noinclude>

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See this monsters in us special page, on the official website.

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