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Presumed Places of Dragon Hoards in Tibia

ruins in the northern part of the Jakundaf desert
Kazordoon, in vicinity to the Colossus Fortress
Treasure Island
Dragon lair in the western part of the Kha'Zeel Mountains
Banuta, supposedly not underground
a ruined fortress in the north of Edron
somewhere on Draconia
high up in one of the towers of Vengoth Castle
somewhere in Zzaion
in the Crystal Gardens of Nargor
in the icy mountains of the island Okolnir
in the dragon graveyard of Drefia
deep in the caverns of the Oramond Mountains
in the foothills of Krailos
on the Isle of Evil
in spider-infested caves underneath Trapwood
underneath the graveyard of Yalahar
in the Ghostlands near Carlin
in the dragon caves underneath the Darama desert