Property Value
Aliases Copper Shield Quest, Dead Dragon Quest.
Est. Length 1-5 minutes
Quest Log
Level 2
(5 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active




Deep in Rookgaard wilderness.




Bag containing Copper Shield and Legion Helmet.

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Required Equipment


Note: You need 102 oz (Copper Shield + Legion Helmet + Bag) for this quest.

Dragon Corpse Quest Map 1

  • Now go down the hole; you will find many bears here. Run past them or try to kill them and do not get trapped. The cave splits in two ways: Choose the southern path. There's a small narrow passage, stand there if you are planning to kill the bears, so only that two can attack you at any given time. Do not use the Small Health Potions yet. At the end, there's a pool of water and a hole, open it with your Shovel and go down.

Dragon Corpse Quest Map 2

  • Here, it might be advisable to eat food and wait to have full HP. Now use your Scythe to cut the Wheat.
    Dragon Corpse Quest Map 3

Dragon corpse quest loot

  • Take these, and do not wait for your HP to fill back up, return quickly to the entrance instead, you will save potions doing so. If you do it fast enough you will need only 2 Small Health Potions and some food. If you are level 7 or higher you can finish this quest without using any potions, just get there and loot the dragon corpse, wait till full hp and get out.
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