You see a dragon.


Dragons were among the first creatures of Tibia and once ruled the whole continent. Nowadays, there are only a few of them left which live deep in the dungeons. Nevertheless, they are very powerful monsters and will strive for killing every intruder. Besides their immense strength, they shoot fireballs at their victims and spit fire. Moreover, they can heal themselves.

Dragons are very slow-moving, but have a potent set of attacks. A mage or paladin can kill one without taking any damage once they master the art. These creatures can be skinned with an Obsidian Knife. See also: Green Dragon Leather/Skinning.


Melee (0-120), Fire Wave (100-170), Great Fireball (60-140), Self-Healing (40-70)

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Dragons are known to retarget. This often causes shooters in a team hunt to be burned or killed. A dragon will retreat at 300 (30%, yellow) health.


All players should stand diagonal from the dragon, whenever possible, to avoid the Fire Wave.

Knights: Only one knight should be present in a team hunt, as they, the blocker, must be able to move freely around the dragon and to maintain their diagonal position as the dragon takes a step. It is quite easy for a knight of level 40 or higher to block a dragon without using any Health Potions at all. Around level 60 a knight with good skills (70/70) can hunt dragons with little waste and possibly profit. Remember to stand diagonal to it and always be prepared to use potions. A level 80+ knight can hunt dragons using only food and Soft Boots.
Mages of level 28 or higher can kill dragons without help from other players, but you need to be very careful. They can Summon two Demon Skeletons and drink a few extra Mana Potions afterwards. They should try to keep enough mana to heal, if needed. They should enter, lure the dragon out, attack it with the demon skeletons, then move to a different floor so the dragon will target the demon skeletons. It is advisable to move to a space about 3 squares diagonal and use a strike spell (Ice Strike if possible) or Icicle Runes to kill faster. Heal when your hit points drop below 250-280. Druids level 35 or higher, can use Mass Healing to prevent their summons from dying, otherwise use Healing Runes. This is a reasonably cheap way to hunt dragons although the demon skeletons also gain a share of the experience.
Paladins with a distance skill of 60+ and enough hit points to survive a fire attack are welcome additions to a team dragon hunt. Just be sure to have the Divine Healing spell ready to use, and stand where you can also escape if the dragon retargets. A paladin's ability to solo a dragon depends greatly on the terrain. A dragon's melee is weaker than their area attacks, so it would be advisable to stand diagonal the Dragon but only 1 sqm away, while shooting Royal Spears or Enchanted Spears. A level 20 paladin with skills 65+ may attempt to solo a single dragon spawn but will have to bring some potions. Killing a dragon at this level will only prove your strength as a paladin will spend approximately 500 gps per dragon and the chance of dying is very high if not careful. It is advisable to bring some Icicles or Avalanche Runes if facing two or more of them.


Dragons are one of the oldest creatures in the game. In older times (prior to 2001 at least) dragons were summonable, and during these times it was possible to summon up to 8 creatures at once (even through requiring very high mana) and only the highest leveled mages could summon them (back then the highest levels were only around level 60 or 70). It was a somewhat common occurrence to see mages walking the streets of Thais with several dragons summoned at one time. It was also possible to set summons free by logging out of the game, turning the summons into wild creatures. Often mages would leave the game after summoning as many as 8 dragons in the middle of major cities, causing chaos.


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