You will need to solve riddles to get the keys and go up in the pyramid.


Draconia, through Hellgate, near Ab'Dendriel


Skeletons, Ghouls, Demon Skeletons, Mummies and a possible lure of one or more Elder Bonelords.

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Useful Items


  • This quest involves 9 keys, including Key 3012 for accessing Hellgate. The Draconia keys are all silver and numbered from 3001 - 3008 inclusive and the number corresponds to when they are used, the lowest number being found and used first. For information on specific keys, see the corresponding articles for keys 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3006, 3007 and 3008.
  • Most of the keys found in this quest are daily respawns. If somebody has already collected the keys, you will need to find another means of obtaining them (i.e. buying or borrowing).
  • You cannot finish this quest alone. You will need at least 1 other trustworthy player to stand on floor switches, and there is a possibility of being trapped if you trust the wrong players.
  • If for any reason anyone cannot complete the quest, there are 2 ways to escape back to Ab'Dendriel:
  • This quest can take a long time, it is advised at least 50 minutes time. If you have the keys ahead of time the quest can be significantly shorter.
  • Consider getting the book for the Realm of Dreams Quest while at Draconia.


Draconia Route.png

Ground Floor

This floor (inside the pyramid) has many skeletons and scorpions.

  • Key 3001: from the hole, walk to the north-west side of the pyramid. Open the skeleton corpses to find Key 3001. You may have to move a few corpses before you find the right skeleton corpse.
  • Key 3002: return to the hole you came from and walk south. Open the eastern door with key 3001 and walk north to find a red carpet. Walk along the south row of the carpet. Carpet tiles will burn and electrify you - and 2 tiles are hidden holes which drop down to 10 scorpions. On the other side of the carpet, open the second coffin on the north side of the room to find Key 3002.
  • Key 3003: go back to key 3001's location and walk south, to the south-west part of the pyramid. Open the door with key 3002 and pull the lever. Go north again and pull another lever (the lever destroyed a wall blocking its access). Again go south where the rock will have disappeared. Pick up Key 3003.
  • Now go back around and use key 3003 on the western door in the south-east corner of the pyramid. Follow through to the staircase.

Second Floor

Here you will find skeletons and ghouls.

  • Key 3004: from the staircase, go south and east. You will see a room filled with Energy Fields. Use Destroy Field or Browse Field on the tile in the first row, third column. Key 3004 will be revealed.
  • Key 3005: from key 3004's location, go south. Open the door south with key 3004, inside the room go west and follow the path to find Key 3005 laying on the ground next to the statues.
  • Key 3006: go back to the stairs you came from, and this time go west. Open the door with key 3005 and you will find another room with fields in it - this time fire with some energy. Use a destroy field rune or Browse Field on the south-easternmost tile to reveal Key 3006. Pick it up.
  • Go back to the south and enter the final locked door using key 3006. Go up the ladder.

Third Floor

This floor has 6-8 ghouls and 2 demon skeletons. This is the part you need at least 2 people. This spoiler will assume the minimum of 2 people, although 3 players can do this each having a unique purpose.

  • Key 3007: from the stairs, follow the path until you find two floor switches. Leave player 1 on the southern switch. Player 2 must now go west, enter the south-western room and step on the floor switch in there. Player 1 must then leave his stand, go west and then north to enter the portal and take Key 3007.
  • Player 1 must now go back to the floor switch they stood on before. Player 2 may then leave the room.
  • Both players now go upstairs.

Fourth Floor

This floor has about 7 mummies and 4 demon skeletons.

  • Follow the path to the locked door.
  • Open the door with Key 3007.
  • Continue through the door and go upstairs.

Fifth Floor

Fifth floor has 8 mummies and 2 slimes. There are no puzzles here, simply go through to the next floor.

Sixth Floor

This floor has 3 demon skeletons and 3 mummies.

  • Open the chests behind the level 25 Gate of Expertise for your reward.
  • Open the western bookcase to get Key 3008 (quest, not a daily respawn—each player can get 1).
  • Go upstairs

Seventh Floor

There are no creatures here.

  • Open the door with Key 3008.
  • Arrange the levers: left-right-left-right.
  • Enter the portal to arrive at Ab'Dendriel sacrificial stone, near the temple.
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