You see Dr Merlay
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  • So close! So close now!
  • <sigh> Alone... always alone...
  • <groan>
  • <growl> <snarl> ROAAAARRRRR! <sob>
  • To hold my dearest in my own arms again!


Rathleton Sewers


Dr Henry Merlay is Emily's husband and Graham's father. He used to be a respected glooth scientist and tradesman, but the material he was studying mutated him into a Massive Earth Elemental and left him a hermit everyone assumes died in an accident in the factory he built.
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Part of the Oramond Quest.
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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


This NPC does not sell any items.


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Player: hi
Dr Merlay: Don't look at me! I'm {hideous}!
Player: hideous
Dr Merlay: What do you think? Look at me! Do you think I was born this way? I was a respected glooth {scientist} and tradesman!
Player: scientist
Dr Merlay: The {glooth} has been my nemesis! It caused this strange transformation and now I dare not even walk the street at nights anymore.
Player: glooth
Dr Merlay: Ah, that strange enticing stuff! It is incredibly versatile, so fascinatingly useful! And yet, and yet... <looks down at himself>
Player: name
Dr Merlay: I used to be Dr Henry Merlay, but now.... <howls>
Player: Merlay
Dr Merlay: Yes, yes, the one who disappeared years ago in that tragic glooth {factory} incident.
Player: factory
Dr Merlay: Ah, it was the pride of my days! An experimental glooth and working units production factory - nobody could construct metal golems like I did! <sadly> All in the past, now... all in the past.
Player: time
Dr Merlay: <anxiously> The time? Which year is it? How long have I been here underground?
Player: wife
Dr Merlay: My beautiful, lovely Emily. Is she still alive? Did she forget me? ... I can't bear to think of it!
Player: Emily
Dr Merlay: Oh, my beloved wife. I don't know what became of her. So many years ... The horror of not knowing!
Player: Graham
Dr Merlay: Who? And he looks like me? Are you sure?
Player: Maro
Dr Merlay: He was my only friend, the only one who did not turn away in horror when he chanced to see me one night, when I went above ground. ...
Dr Merlay: No one else listened! They all screamed and ran in horror! And I can hardly blame them. Who would believe me to be Henry Merlay? <sigh> ...
Dr Merlay: But now Maro runs that tool shop he cannot come any longer. I understand. But I need someone to fetch and deliver my {letters}.
Player: letters
Dr Merlay: Yes, I hope my mode of expressing myself is still recognisable, as my writing has changed so much since the accident.... At least my sigil hasn't changed. But will that suffice to let everyone see it's really me? <sighs>
Player: Alaistar
Dr Merlay: My best friend in younger days. I charged him to look after Emily. But I don't know what happened since then. Is he alive and still my friend?
Player: Mordecai
Dr Merlay: We appreciated each other, though we never became quite as good friends as Alaistar and I.
Player: Carefew
Dr Merlay: The nemesis of my family. He has always been against all modern concepts, and has looked upon my revolutionary findings with an unfriendly eye. I fear he has influenced everyone in this town against me.
Player: bye
Dr Merlay: <sadly> Good bye. I envy you.

Dr Merlay