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Double Loot Events are events during which creatures drop twice the loot they usually do. So far, all Double Loot events have occurred during weekends. A similar type of recurrent event are the Double Experience and Skill Events. A somewhat similar event was the Special Outfit Event which increase by 2 to 5 times the drop rate of certain items dropped by creatures that existed exclusively in premium areas.

On July, 2018, CipSoft announced that Double Loot events were removed from the regular monthly event rotation because they "were never that well received from our player base" and "offered a disproportionately high gold gain while the different possibilities to drain those gold amounts were not used in a frequency that would justify the continuation of such events".

On 2020, however, CipSoft decided to return with Double Loot events, after an official poll in which the majority of players voted on it against a Rapid Respawn Event. CipSoft's reasoning for returning with these events was, among others, that a lot has changed again [in Tibia], and since there is not a huge difference between rapid respawn events and double loot events in regards to the loot generated, you now get to choose what you, personally, would rather have, what you would enjoy more. Maybe nowadays, you'd prefer a double loot weekend instead of a rapid respawn event. That's basically it. We want to see which one you'd rather have in the beginning of April. One or the other will happen anyway.

How it works

During this event, all creatures (except those with Cooperative Loot System, such as Lloyd and other newer Bosses) will generate two independent loot sets upon death, just like the loot bonus of the Prey System. Basically, for every creature you kill it will be like you have killed two separate creatures. It's not possible to identify which item came from which set, since stackable items will be placed in a single stack. During this event it's possible to drop two identical items that are usually found in single units from the same creature. For example, if you're lucky you could get two Dragon Shields from the same Dragon.

Double loot events begin and end at the Server Save of the mentioned dates. This means that when it's announced that the event will happen between the Server Saves of days 01 and 03, on day 03 at 10:00 CET/CEST the event will be over.


While simply doing regular profitable hunts are a good idea for this events, there are some other ways to take the most out of them. For example:

  • Save your Boss Points from Killing in the Name of... Quest for these events, since the related bosses will also drop double the loot. It's a very good opportunity to try and get rare items such as a Golden Can of Oil from Ethershreck.
  • If you have managed to break a jar from the The Mummy's Curse World Change, then save the access point for these events. Horestis always drops a Scorpion Sceptre and will drop 2 of them during the event.
  • Similarly, if you have chance to kill other bosses with unique loots, for example The Horned Fox, you'll get two units of the rare item during the event.
  • It might also be a good opportunity to go after very rare drops such as Reins and Tin Key. Despite these hunts usually being bad in terms of experience, you'll be hunting twice as fast in terms of loot.
  • Other bosses that have unique loot and are frequently hunted during these events are the Pharaohs in Ankrahmun Tombs, Ugly Monster and The Ruthless Seven Minions in the Demon Forge. Hunting these during double loot equals to hunting double the amount of them which translates to a lot of saved time.

During these events, popular hunting places are usually taken on average and highly populated Game Worlds. For this reason it's a good idea to look for spawns that aren't very popular nowadays since you'll have a greater chance of finding them available and to take advantage of the event.


One important factor to take into account during Double Loot events is that the hunts where you usually have greater profit are not necessarily the most profitable during the event. For example, consider two different hunting situations with regular loot:

  • Hunt A: You spend 100k in supplies and get 200k in loot, resulting in 100k profit.
  • Hunt B: You spend 250k in supplies and get 300k in loot, resulting in 50k profit.

During the event, your loot will double (on average, of course), but the cost of your supplies won't change. Hence:

  • Hunt A: You spend 100k in supplies and get 400k in loot, resulting in 300k profit.
  • Hunt B: You spend 250k in supplies and get 600k in loot, resulting in 350k profit.

If you're trying to maximize profit, then Hunt B would be better during the event, even though it's worse with regular loot. Generally speaking, places with very good loot are good options, even if it feels like you're spending a lot on supplies. It's also worth noting that during the event your profit will likely be much better than double the usual, because of the fixed supplies cost. In some cases, hunting places that usually turn out to be non-profitable can be very good during the event, specially if it also gives good Experience.

List of events

The first Double Loot events were held in 2017 as an alternative to the Double Experience and Skill Events that begun to be held approximately every two months.