Two heroes are guarding a precious treasure deep inside the Hero Cave.


Edron Hero Cave


Club Ring, Red Gem

Required Equipment


First of all, you have to go to the Edron Cave, which is here, be prepared to face some Hunters and Wild Warriors outside:


When you enter the undergrounds, you have to kill some Wild Warriors. Go to the next hole.


Now you have to kill some Demon Skeletons, Wild Warriors, 1 Priestess and Bonelords. Go with that way, and go downstairs:


Now you have to go with that way, killing some Monks, Demon Skeletons and Wild Warriors. Go downstairs:


Kill the 3 Dragons and enter that hole:


Here, you will face 1 Hero and 2 or 3 Monks.

Double Hero.png

Down here you'll meet 2-3 Priestesses and 2 Monks.

Double Hero Quest 6.png

Travel south and once you start to get close to the room begin to move slowly. In the room there are

In the south of the room there are 2 chests open both to recieve the Club Ring and the Red Gem.

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